What Am I Looking At (WAILA) Mod (Android)

This mod is based on a popular Java Edition mod commonly known as WAILA (What Am I Looking At) which was originally created by ProfMobius. This is a ported mod which works flawlessly for Android devices. It adds a simple tooltip window to the top of the screen which will display the names and IDs for anything which you look at such as blocks and mobs.

Creator: TaQuItO

How does it work?

It will be enabled by default so this means that you can start using it as soon as you’ve installed the mod. Long press on the screen and hold on a block or a mob to “look” at it. A small tooltip window will appear in the top center of the screen providing all the necessary information you may need about the entity or blocks.

You can change the configurations/settings by typing the following text command in the chat: /waila


This mod requires BlockLauncher or similar third-party mod installer for Minecraft (Android).

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62 Responses

4.14 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. 1ONsNinja11 says:

    Someone like a hacker or developer needs to delete this, adfly link! I can’t download the mod because of it.

  2. Victor Hugo says:

    Plz, win 10 version, this mod is really great. Thank you for this.

  3. I’m a meme from 2019 says:

    I like trains

  4. Acidia says:

    I would like very much to be able to download this but the secondary site – adfly – is making it impossible to download the addon. Not sure what’s going on with them but it’s hella fishy.

    • Anonymous says:

      ugh yeah, adfly is super fishy and I think using it goes against Mojang tos iirc.
      the java edition modding community, except for mod thieves, collectively stopped using it ages ago.

  5. Shabi says:

    How to run It

  6. Anonymous says:

    The mod ISN’T working please I want help

  7. matty30 says:


  8. FireFox101 says:

    I would really appreciate if u could make on iOS ,but it is just a suggestion

  9. Rhianna says:

    R.I.P plz make on iOS cause I just started playing Minecraft

  10. Rhianna says:

    R.I.P Can’t download it 😢

  11. Thiago says:

    Working in windows10 edition ?

  12. Abhinand says:

    I cant download it

    • Helpper says:

      You need to wait “pls allow to continue” but do not press allow cause it might gonna many adds or even some virus so you can wait it on website and after it the adfly will redirect into the file AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH

  13. Skellitor301 says:

    It’s a shame ios users dont even understand how their own devices work, you cannot make these mods for ios due to restrictions of the device. So before you start complaining and giving false reviews, at least have a bit of education with the overpriced name brand you are using. Be smart, get something that at least has user access to the file systems and decent components that aren’t designed to fail in a few years, then at least you’ll show you’re not that gullible.

  14. Kaden says:

    Can you PLEASE make a iOS version for this? Isheeps and Apple fanboys deserve the stuff too!

    • Alan Tomathy says:

      Ahem, I think you’ve forgotten someone. FireOS also deserves equal respect even though we aren’t that popular. So :p android and iOS

  15. Phx02suns PS4 username says:

    This is so cool

  16. Phx02suns PS4 username says:

    This needs to work

  17. Jojodd says:

    This mod is cool. Try porting Twilight Forest if you can XD

  18. Mohammed says:

    Are you the original modder for this mod in PC ?
    Anyway I would love if you can work on a new mod for pocket edition Wich have been in the PC for years now and it is ……… Tinkers Construct I know it’s going to be hard but maybe someone can help you IDK

  19. TheRed says:

    Problem is the Mediafire dont let me to download it…. I tap the “download” button then it says “This site can’t be reached” and this “Search Google for download 2764 mediafire user f35539a0fb3f 0xxtk0fzgodua38 WAILA PE v1” pls help 😓

  20. TegTronix™ says:

    For those of you complaining about “why is this guy being so androidy and only making it for Android”,ITS NOT HIS FAULT, You can very easily blame yourself for getting an apple device. A locked down brick. Apple’s iOS has too many restrictions that don’t allow stuff like this to run on it. Stop insulting the creator. Also, awesome mod port btw

  21. Fahmi says:

    IOS is Dead. Nobody make ios addon !

  22. Rumi says:

    What ever!

  23. slim4fun says:

    Always wanted this, but I cant download it. Okay, so I open it, then,it takes me to an ‘untitled’ page. :/

  24. pom6universe says:

    hey “stupid” that’s his username. people don’t create mods for ios cuz ios devises are known for being crappy. creaters get blamed all the time that the mod dosnt work but those problems are the ios devises them selvs. if he released it on ios it could put his reputation far making great mods in jeopardy. that’s why we don’t make mods for ios

  25. Stupid says:

    Make a version of this for ios!!!! They already have one for android!!!!!! You dumb creators just keep recreating the same thing for android and completely forget about ios. I should learn to code mods so that I could make things people actually want because there are too many people RECREATING THE SAME MOD!!!!! OMG WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID!!!!!!

    • MrNiceWater says:

      Too bad you don’t know anything about coding, cause if you do, then you will know that Apple is just way too strict to even let you do anything, like really.
      TL;DR, Blame Apple, not the creators. 🙂

    • niceguy1000 says:

      That’s mean because it is quite hard to Code and you need a lot of experience in Codeing it to make a thing like this so if you want to wast your time arguing keep on but just think of the time the person put into this

    • max1024 says:

      You can`t code mods for ios, only addons

  26. Ugh says:

    Another thing for Android. Do something for iOS too! They already have mods exactly like this for android so make something for iOS already! Stop wasting your stupid time and do something useful! Since they already have this mod for android make it for iOS!

  27. Xed says:

    Very cool.

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Danial says:

    Hi my block launcher doesn’t work but it used to work before 1.12 how can I fix it?

    • Freeplay says:

      There are other apps you can use like Mcpe master, try using those instead of blockloancher if it doesn’t work

  30. Polar Whales says:

    If only it was for iOS too…

  31. Matti says:

    Hey it’s s great mod but can you please try to make it on iOS as well?? It looks great

  32. Darkshark213 says:

    Make it for iOS too

  33. Ergeil says:

    I have iOS, so I cannot use this… Too sad… 😭!

  34. SwiftNinja99 says:

    Can someone plaease make something like this as a resource pack!

  35. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Welp, RIP Windows 10

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