Published on February 18, 2022

Walking Chests! - Storage that Follows You

Everyone who has ever played Minecraft knows one of the most frustrating things is the lack of storage, especially when getting started in a new world.  This addon eliminates any storage issues that you may have had in the past.



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I can confirm as well that the chest will only hold 5 slots of its entire inventory. As far as the chest not following you anymore if you are not holding the stick in your hand (even going as far as dropping it on the ground), that little guy still stays VERY DEVOTED to you, lol! It's actually quite a cute mod! I'm not bothered that he continues to follow me around even without a stick, would be really helpful for him to hold more than 5 slots though. Other than that, I LOVE THIS MOD! Named my chest Henry :-)
Items can only be stored in the first 5 chest inventory spots.

Follow with Torch makes more sense than Follow with Stick.