Published on October 07, 2020 (Updated on August 14, 2021)

Warden Concept Replicas

Have you seen Minecraft Live 2020?

It add a bunch of new features, mob, and even a new generation for caves. One of the following mob is Warden. Warden is a mob that live in deep dark cave. It can kill you with 2 hit if you wearing a netherite armor. This add-on will try to replicate the warden as good as possible!


Warden is a mob that have blue thingy on its head. This mob could hunt you down if you’re in the deep dark caves. Warden also burn in daylight.

Let`s see what I added to this mob:


This mob have an interesting behaviors, its blind but can hear nearby vibration. Warden can hear vibration that cause by walking entity and some projectiles that you shoot (only arrow, snowball, egg, lightning bolt, lingering potion, splash potion and trident).

How does the mechanic work?

Vibration (in this add-on) can be cause by walking/running without sneaking. Vibration can also be cause by flying projectiles. If warden hear a vibration, it will follow to the area that causing the vibration. If the vibration cause by mobs/players, warden will immediately chase the one that cause vibration. You can avoid warden by sneaking, touching the warden will make it angry.

Will warden spawn in the underground?

A. Old Height (1.17 height)

Yes. If you choose “Old Height” subpack in the behavior pack setting, warden and deep dark caves will spawn/generate from Y0 to Y35.

B. New Height (1.18 new height)

Yes. If you choose “New Height” subpack in the behavior pack setting, warden and deep dark caves will spawn/generate from Y-64 to Y0.

Warden will only spawn on top of sculk block and sculk trap.

What does warden drop?

Warden will drop sculk growths (2-4), and bones (1-3). This is not the official loot drop, there's no information about warden loot table.

Does warden glow in the dark?

The only part that glow is the heartbeat. Warden heartbeat will beat fast if it angry.

Sculk blocks

- Sculk block function like a normal building block, it will spread sculk growth, sculk trap, or sculk birth on top of it,

- Sculk growth function like a normal carpet and you can use it to craft sculk block,

- Sculk Birth function like a normal building block,

- Sculk trap will trigger warden if players/mobs step on it.

Isometric views of warden:

Credits for contributing to Warden Concept Replicas:



Thank you so much for helping me with the warden sound.


(This is NOT the official warden, it might be different from the one that Minecraft have)

- Behavior pack setting,

You can move the slider to choose between old height (1.16 height and below) and new height (1.18 height).

- Required experimental settings,

- Please give a credit! (Stealing, distribute to other and claiming it as yours are prohibited)

- Please delete/remove the old version of Warden Concept Replicas (1.0.65 BETA or below) before downloading or importing it to your Minecraft. (This pack use a different UUID instead of the old one)

Select version for changelog:


1.0.7 Change-log, 13th August 2021 or 8/13/2021:

- Added deepslate cave generation,
- Added subpacks, old height and new height.

Fixes and changes,
- Warden is now persistent when angry,
- Changed warden move animation,
- Fixed warden doesn't spawn in the deepslate caves,
- Removed ilosemypotato:deepslate blocks,
- Sculk trap now emit light when step on,
- Sculk birth now emit light,
- Loot tables files are now in the correct location,
- Changed ore feature files to match 1.17.0 format,
- Removed deepslate from function command,
- Fixed warden name duplication in en_US.lang file,
- Changed andesite, diorite, dirt, granite, and tuff features generation,
- Changed sculk generation,
- Warden now burns in daylight,
- Warden health is now consistent to 100 instead of 84 or 100,
- Fixed warden loot won't drop after being killed,
- Fixed looting enchantment doesn't effect warden loot,
- Changed pack UUID,
- Fixed all_warden_concept_replicas_sculk_blocks function won't work,
- Warden heartbeat now appear more smoother than before,
- Warden will now change it state to roar if it has a target while tracking,
- Increased warden angry duration from 25 to 60.
- Sculk block can only spread sculk veins on top of it, spread sculk birth on top of it, or transform into sculk trap.

Spawn rules,
- Warden spawn naturally/rarely in deepslate caves.


-    Install through .mcpack
1. Download the files both RP and BP,

2. Open the .mcpack by "open with > Minecraft". Minecraft will open and it will import the pack,

3. Activate both RP and BP pack in you Minecraft world.

-    Install through directory ( Android & IOS )
1. Download the files both RP and BP,

2. - Move your Resource Pack .mcpack to resource pack folder

    - Move your Behavior Pack .mcpack to behavior pack folder

Android path: games/com.mojang/...

IOS path: Apps/com.mojang.minecraftpe/Documents/games/com.mojang/

3. Extract the mcpack and make sure that the file that get extracted is inside a folder like "WCR Resource Pack > all of the files like animations or entity".

- Install through directory (Windows)
1. Go to C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\

2. Move your behavior pack to com.mojang\behavior_packs\... & Move your resource pack to com.mojang\resource_packs\...

3. Extract the mcpack and make sure that the file that get extracted is inside a folder like "WCR Resource Pack > all of the files like animations or entity".

Supported Minecraft versions

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bro henti is the best
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Popularmodsmcpe1382 March 04, 2022 at 6:41 am
Actually warden doesn't drop anything. Update it.
I Like the Mod but wheres Sculk Veins?
Hi warden will drop nothing
For a Idea/update on the mod Well It is a Very Good Mod i have a World That has the Warden mod in it and its Fantastic so for my Idea Thingy so in the trailer the Warden Comes out of the ground when your close to a Sculk Shrieker Can you Try to Remake this in a Similar Way I mean I know we could just spawn it in but yeah you get what im saying if you dont want to do the idea i have in mind No problem but Yeah Awesome Mod pack though!
AMAZING FEATURE, I HOPE A DAY HE'S ADD IT (sorry for the caps)
The Midnight Warrior November 14, 2021 at 10:48 pm
hey buddy can you add the deep dark city. And also pls remove the sculk blocks since its realeased in beta.
And make the Warden horn glow
You should update this since more info was shown at the minecraft live 2021
Add some Sculk Shrieker and Deep Dark Cities
I love this addon
Update this becuase the minecon was showed and now we have a bit more info. of the warden
Its good but why does mine warden glitch like sometime?
Also when i used the addon all the hostile mobs doesn't attack me and the ravager is slow and the warden doesn't attack me aswell the only way the other mobs and the warden attacks is that i Punch them
You have to Move around and make some Noise for it to get angry. Or the mod packs aint at the very top perhaps?
Please if your gonna update it again please make it dont make the warden burn in the day please or put a download link to the old version of the addon please