Published on September 01, 2022 (Updated on February 05, 2023)

Wardens PLUS+ (Fixes & More!)

Have you ever wanted more than just one warden in Minecraft? Well look no further! This add-on adds more wardens in the game! This add-on will add more and more wardens to the game as updates go on.

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-Made the addon page easier to go through

-New Wardens!

-Updated the T-Rex Warden Skin

The T-REX Warden has a new idle animation

-The T-REX Warden has a new roar animation

-The Dinosaur Warden has a new idle animation

-The Dinosaur Warden has a new roar animation

-The Trypophobia Warden now has tendril sounds

-The Magma Sorden has been nerfed

-The Magma Morden has been nerfed

The Caster Warden has been nerfed

The Dark Sorden has been nerfed

-The Dark Morden has been nerfed

-The Hyper Warden has been buffed


-Fixed the Hollow Wardens model


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Huge Nerfs, I admit that I went a little overboard with power lol
I was just wondering where were the stalker and platinum zorden and the others from that video? You made
Did you ever make it so the the Magma warden, morden, and sorden drop magma blocks? Or did you forget about it? Still awesome addon tho.
This update is really amazing great work on this update I love it 10/10 update
You’re welcome every update brings something awesome it makes my day
I found this cool warden model that maybe could be in this addon. Looks pretty cool and would fit in. It's called warden reimagined. I'd post a link but I can't it seems.
I found it but the warden looks like a robot, I don't know if I found the right one though.
This comment has been removed
add back the feature to tame hyper warden pls!
or just link that version
I have 2 questions about some wardens
1- Do Wardens such as gold, chimera, tripophobia or crystal spawn?
2- If they really do, how do they spawn?
No, they don't but I will add more spawns soon!
Hello i giv you a warden disain,if you can mace a skeleton warden whit two head and four arms that was be awsome and a clown warden like joker
If you make this,you are the bast,and thanks for al your creation,pease
new ideas!!!!

sculkbone bow can do area damage 3×3 blocks

platinum zorden: since he's a god of warden's
1: can detect your vibrations from 300 blocks away and will get mad from a single vibration if it's from a mob
2: he can spawn naturally but there is away to escape him and that is a new potion called idk maybe "silence" no matter what you do. warden's can't detect you
3: for the looks i think a long horns would make him alot cooler and some kind of circular golden energy spinning around he's head along with the cubes
4: sculkbone chestplate gives sonic boom immunity (and i totally didn't say this before :D)
5: pls remove the bosses ability to not take damage from other mobs it's really boring when no mob can hurt them in mob battles (and i also didn't say this too before (^u^) )
6: in case you couldn't read it about the cubes i'll say it here again
white cube can eat blocks and create 7×7 tunnel around the zorden (since he is 6 blocks tall. 7×7 is about right)
black cube can eat mobs but this will only activate when zorden gets too angry (30 seconds after he gets angry and starts killing)
im making it too hard sorry :( those are ideas and optional and if like them and want to make then i will be more than happy
The platinum zorden would be awesome I hope my platinum zorden idea comes to the addon into the future I see it just a normal zorden but platinum colour and faster and bigger and way stronger than the golden zorden And I had an idea for a zorden like a special one a green and yellow zorden his teeth are yellow and body is green I like the sound of that idea
bro fr zorden looks way cooler than dinosaur warden's i don't understand why dinosaur warden's are this OP when you have zorden's just look at them they're different and mysterious they look like some kind of a final boss it makes more for zorden's to be the strongest also platinum zorden himself being even different from normal zorden's

2 cubes of distribution
a weird but beautiful black particles appear around him a floating circular golden energy a platinum sonic boom with golden particles around 2 long horns man this thing looks different you just will know that this is the god zorden just but seeing him

the reason why this thing is too OP is because i hate how scp can beat every single mob easily while they are in reality (if they were real) are not actually that powerful while some mysterious strong creature like warden/zorden is weaker man if that girl (scp 52) can still kill platinum zorden i will be really mad and quit everything
wasnt there bosses?
Yeah, the bosses are all Zordens, Sordens, and both dinosaur wardens
I personally think the Darken could also work in the Dark Oak Forest biomes lol
I have a idea for a new sorden you should make a red sorden called “The Crimson” I think it sounds awesome
Hi, can I republish your plugin? I will not change other files, only translated into our country's language, I will attach the original download link and author
My Twitter: LineXic, My Facebook: LineXic,and my Instagram: LineXic
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Hi, can I republish your plugin? I will not change other files, only translated into our country's language, I will attach the original download link and author
My Twitter: LineXic, My Facebook: LineXic,and my Instagram: LineXic
please authorize