Published on September 10, 2019 (Updated on December 29, 2020)

Wasps and Grasshoppers Addon

Whoever thought wasps would be fun are crazy. Oh. That was me..?? I guess they have some redeeming features. Right? They're yellow and black, pretty. They sting a lot. They're real hard to hit. They got flappy wings. Super annoying. Wait, some of these aren't features at all! I think you'll grow to love them anyway. We sure have.

And... let's not forget grasshoppers! Um, who??

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Added the bug zapper, which zaps wasps (but not the oh-so-cute grasshoppers). Made a few changes to the wasps as well (minor) and fixed an animation issue.



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An awesome addon again, really adds nature in minecraft, i really enjoyed making an addon review on it, good luck to you guys!!! :D
It's great but can you make them the size of spider and bees in minecraft.
This reminds me of Kamen Rider Zero One
Nice. I like the mob. Your addons are good
Also love your addons! Can't wait to see what you make next!
Does this work for 1.14? The ants addons says they love to eat wasps but that version isn't tagged on here.
I am a guy who wants cool add-ons. December 11, 2019 at 7:30 am
Can you make these attack mobs?
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii I just wanna day how scary this is my fave of you Addons is the crocs but anyway please make a gorilla and a lion addon it would make the savanna and jungles great ?
Cool! But I got in survival in hit one a couple of times, it still didn’t sting me, I even killed one, but nothing
Feels so much better to play with now! Thank you
Nice Add-on, hope they'll add bees soon so I can use this whilst there are bees
Cool. Can you make a Shark Addon and Piranha Addon? That be great!
I’m playing all of your mob mods together with hurt me plenty. And it’s really fun! I also added the village protector Addon to balance things out
G'day LinkSans2000
Good work! This is what we do too! For us it makes survival games way more interesting for a much longer time. I'll have to check out the village protector addon - haven't come across that one. We also use the pets (ants, tigers, etc) to help even things out. Cheers. ?
Can 7 add Minecraft foxes I don’t have them