Published on January 05, 2021 (Updated on January 05, 2021)

Water Armor Addon

Do you ever get bored of wearing the same armor all the time? or you just want water armor? then this addon is for you! This addon adds craftable water armor.  They can be enchanted as well.

all the armor has/is protection 10, no knockback resistance and unbreakable. please enable 'holiday creator feature' and 'additional modding capabilities' otherwise it will not work.

some images of recipes, etc.

Don't forget to enable 'Holiday Creator Features' and 'Additional Modding Capabilities' and activate both of the packs or it will not work.

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This cost more iron than iron armor. 3x as much to be exact. More than a stack of iron. AMAZING
Is this the same or better than netherite/diamond. What does the 10 defence mean