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Published on May 08, 2017 (Updated on May 08, 2017)

1722489668: Water Jungle Temple

Here's a great seed which spawns you in a huge jungle biome. Even though there are some quite amazing hills here it's primarily the jungle temple which is the interesting part. It takes somewhere around 30 seconds to get there (assuming that you are flying) and the unique part is that it is generated in water.

Found by: IAmChickenator

It's recommended to switch to creative when first testing this seed because otherwise there's a risk you might get lost. Anyways, turn to your right once you've spawned and fly in that direction for a while.

After 200-300 blocks or so you will get to a lake. Somewhere in the center of the lake you will find the jungle temple.

Inside the temple awaits some nice treasures as well as some traps so you better be careful.

The first chest can be found behind the wall with the levers as seen on the image down below. If you get the levers right then an opening will appear from which you can access the chest. However, you can also just mine the blocks to get to it.

If you continue further into the temple you will find a second chest. This one includes two emeralds and some bones.

Seed: 1722489668

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i am on the exact location. same place as shown in picture. but there is nothing.
There is an amazing seed (1103716148) which has 2 villages,1 mesa biome, a patch of pumpkins, and a desert well. :)
Can i have the mcpe coordonate for the temple because i never found it :(
I found *A* jungle temple at 149, 65, -814 if it helps