Waving Leaves

Do you want the movement of grass and leaves of shader trees trees, but don't want shaders? You are in the right place, here you will find what you are looking for.

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-Added support for Windows 10 (no Rtx).

-Fixed the error that caused non-transparent blocks to move. (composter, anvil, doors... etc. ).


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ok if you are still active could you get it to work with 1.18, wavy leaves would be sooo good
Can you improve the waving animation by

- more trippy moving underwater
- maybe you can change the squeezing waving animation of SUGAR CANE
- can you put an waving animation on the WATER and LILY PADS like their one
- increase the movement of the waving animation of this resource pack like on the SILDURS BASIC SHADER / SILDURS ENHANCED DEFAULT.............THANKS😊😊
There is a few bugs but everything else is so clean
Lily Pads Have no animation
I went underwater and it had no effect
Sun flowers have no effect like lily pads do the same goes to dead bush

Computer: Windows 10
When I added the Resource Pack/Texture Pack... The leaves, grass, nor lily-pads were moving. They just stood still. I am using Windows 10 Bedrock Edition 1.16.221. If the Resource Pack/Texture Pack is outdated, please update it. I really want a wavy animation on the leaves, grass, and lily-pads please.
This works so well I love it keep up the good work
I put this pack on top of a shader pack that had all the lighting and shadows and stuff (but didn’t have the moving plants, which is why I got this pack in the first place) but it made all the textures in the game completely invisible. It was like having x ray but for every single block. Without shaders this pack works amazingly, the leaves move very smoothly, but I will only give this 5 stars IF you can make it shader-compatible.
does this work for consoles
Can you update this resource pack? The Zombified Pigling comes into Zombie Pigman
Doesn't work at all on RTX and I'm sad because the only thing RTX resssource packs lack of are waving leaves
Isn't it better for crops to move with shaders too? I'm looking for a RP that does this, but only this. I only know that ESBE 2G does, but I just want the movement and nothing else. Does anyone know of a shader with these requirements?
The flowers r not moving in the last version :(
When I look down, all blocks start waving.
Wow!!!! This looks Awesome!!!! I tried it but sadly it didn't work for me. I have a Android device. Therefore, would u please update it to the point where the plants would be waving. Also may you please also make the all the flowers be waving Please :3
Guest-3411723109 May 06, 2020 at 7:18 pm
My trapdoors are waving
Same, it looks like a living being now xD
300 mph winds