Published on July 08, 2014 (Updated on July 08, 2014)

Waypoints Mod

The download link doesn’t work.
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Can you add a link to this for windows and iOS please
FrostyEnderDragon7519 October 07, 2021 at 4:15 pm
does this work on 1.14???
No exist mod`s way point :))))) Incredible
Does this work on Windows 10? If not, can someone put a link to one that does? Thank you :)
If you windows 10 then you have a pc! So go to curseForge .com and type Waypoints you'll find an even better one. (IMPORTANT!! Curse forge DOES NOT WORK ON MCPE/MOBILE/IOS/ANDROID)
dude this entire freaking website is for bedrock edition hence mcpel (Minecraft pocket edition download)
Even if she is on pc, curseforge wouldn't work if she is using the bedrock edition of the game which is more common on Windows 10.
he is probably using bedrock edition, not java edition
I really hope you will update it to windows 10 edition nice mod tho
This mod looks great! But... two things... first, I’m on iOS and don’t really want to download Dropbox/BlockLauncher, so you think it’s possible to make this a .addon file so that I can download it directly to Minecraft? Second thing, it takes you to a website called Jimbo or something and it says that there was an error.. you might want to get that fixed. Sry for sounding needy, thx.
That is a good thought. I hope this is a feature soon. Thx for saying for me.
100% agree. You really need to fix it
Make it available for all devices please
Link not working
i cant download it link doesnt work it brings me to jimdo
wheres the download link
I love waypoints
It Won't Let Me Download, It Won't Go To Any Site Exept One Called Jumbo That Has Nothing To Do With Downloading Minecraft Windows 10 Mods, All It's About Is Creating Websites!If It Did Work I Think It Would Be Very Useful