Published on March 24, 2022 (Updated on November 01, 2022)

Waypoints with Achievements

Waypoints by Lakhii

Are you searching for a working Waypoint Texture Pack in Minecraft Bedrock? Now you can stop your search. Just download this Resource Pack and enjoy! Waypoints is a popular mod for Minecraft Java Edition. Now it's also available for Bedrock. 

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  • Added support for Minecraft Version 1.19.40
  • Waypoints now work below Y=0


Supported Minecraft versions


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That's whar i looked for on the site, thanks
this works really works, but i would add a way to change the color so you can organize it better in the map
Te copiaste de la idea de Halo333, hasta la textura es igual. You copied from Halo333's idea, even the texture is the same
Pero si tu idea es re copiada de la mía
I'm really sorry for that. I didn't know there was already a Waypoints texture pack. I didn't copy your idea because I don't know your texture pack.
This is actually pretty amazing goodwork ill be looking forward to the development of this!