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Published on September 16, 2015 (Updated on August 31, 2017)

Wayukian Texture Pack [16x16]


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Atualiza essa textura aí man , genial .
the wayuklian textures for the villagers are U.L.G.Y that is my opinion though.
wish it worked for Windows 10 v1.11.4 :/
I like this texturepack but i hate that it swiches sounds.
Fix texture of 1.1-1.2 features. Thanks for the texture
Which items do you mean?
The texture was updated for 1.2
Please fix all 1.1-1.2 items texture for a nice gameplay
Thanks to the texture
I just started finding out how to get texture packs, and at first glance, this pack could really up my Minecraft experience, thanks man!?
Editor can you find some percy jackson maps for percy jackson fans
1.2 please?
Is updated for 1.2
Is there support for 0.15.0?
For all versions that can load textures inside minecraft, I think it can be loaded with Block Launcher
But I'm not sure
Is this texture prepare for husk and stray and hourse?
By the way I love this texture.
I love this because it is one of the best medieval texturea ive ever seen but can you please make it compatible for 0
.13.0 after full release, thank you!
That's never going to happen, because 0.13.0 isn't compatible with any downloads, unless you jail break your device.
I like this game
You can also just rename the .apk file to .zip and use BlockLauncher as usual. I don't like when texture pack creators ask us to install a custom apk. Way too risky.
Nice tip there! Thank you!
It is not a modified .apk file, it is a .mcpack file, the texture is installed only, the only thing that makes this type of files is to unzip itself in the textures folder of Minecraft PE, there is no need to worry