Published on July 08, 2020 (Updated on January 05, 2023)

Weapon Cases

This addon adds 60 weapons in 5 tiers of cases. These cases can be obtained in structures and by killing mobs. All of these weapons have special effects that can be activated by right-clicking depending on the type of weapon.

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+ added crafting recipe
+ increased mob drop loot chance

+ bug fixes

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Does it work with realms?
Fantastic pack! I've enjoyed playing around with the sword textures and code. Really good stuff man.
The Original Enderman June 23, 2022 at 2:56 pm
This is cool!
Great addon, but out of curiosity, will your overenchantment table addon ever be updated? It would be cool to see the other enchants get added to the table and realm support would be great. That addon is one of my favourites.
I really like this addon but please update the powers don't work for me!
nothing drops
suck mods, i found nothing
The Flare, Viper, Venom and shadow lost there special abilitys and they have no durability
pls fix
More bugs:
All weapons have no durability
When having 4 Weapon case in hand in survival and opening them they remove 2 weapon cases and only give you one weapon.
Venoms and Vipers special ability poison doesnt work 100%
If you /function a weapon case you get teleported in the void
i dont know could be because this mod isnt updated to the newest version.
Ideas for the next update:
- could you give shadow and flare special ability.
- can could you make Menace 3d like the trident.
- make the weapons that look like a axe break wood faster
- can you make gamma a legendary cause i think its kinda op to fly or atleast nerf it
- make it so bloodstained gives you regeneration when you hit a mob or player
i hope this helps you
im having an issue where the cases wont show up, its pretty much normal minecraft because of my issue, i installed it correctly and im on xbox. I dont know whats going on
hey i have an idea, you should make a modpack but its for skyblock. you make em all work together and heres a reference from a java skyblock modpack; project ozone 3.
One of my all time favorite mods, keep up the good work.
I am your personal tester and STALKER.
Does anyone know how to get the case does mobs drop them