Published on July 25, 2022 (Updated on January 20, 2024)

More Swords! Weapons And Tools Survival Expansion V19 | (400 Weapons and Tools!) 3D Weapons Update!

Welcome to Weapons and Tools Survival Expansion, with new swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels and hoes for your Minecraft survival worlds. Master new weaponry and find your favorites with unique and original weapons and tools. Acquired from the Workbench, Weapons range from: Daggers, Scythes, Longswords, Combat Shovels, Maces and Longswords, Lumberjack Axes, Sickles and more! find what works for you with many of the weapons & tools having special separate abilities such as Treecapitator, Veinminer, potion effects and much more! 

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New Additions: 

-Added Chefs Knifes, a cheaper alternative to the boza this average damage weapon deals heavy bleed damage
-Added Batons, a low attack damage weapons balanced with heavy stun effects upon impact
-Added Cleavers, utility weapon able to carve organic materials out of any mob upon attacking a target

Changes and Fixes: 

-Upon placing down the first workbench in the world all players will now see a welcome message, this interaction also disables "gamerule recipesunlock" so all crafting recipes can now be seen. (this interaction will only happen once per world)

-Zweihanders Now deal 10-14 Damage (was 9-13) "This is to bring it more in line with the strengths of the endgame weapons of the Dao and Kris"

-Claymores now deal 7-11 Damage "This is to make it incrementally make more sense when going down the upgrade path to get to the Zweihander"


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Updated and working for 1.20.30!

any issues you guys have please feel free to join the discord to help and bug submissions
dude this is a virus my anti-virus went off as soon as i downloaded.
had you any plan to compatible with mod 3D combat:New air?
Can you please update/reload the bstlar links for BP and RP because it shows page not found what error 404 is ok and for 3D Weapons pack and Salvage pack the bstlar links are working fine
this is suitable for survival
You actually separated the 3D weapons from the normal pack? That's nice!
Well done!
Download links down function anymore.
If you haven't already, you should make bigger weapons able to attack multiple enemies.
The drill pickaxe might not be working right.
When I hold the screen while using the drill pickaxe, it just loses durability it doesn't do its thing. But when i click a block with it it works but it just doesn't lose durability and you can spam it.
Ive tried all of the drill pickaxes and all of them just does the same thing.
Im playing on 1.20.31, idk if that causes the
How do you get Slingshot Stones in Survival? You never wrote down specificly on how to get them or craft them.
Is this addon work for 1.20+ ?
And i want to say good work you've did.
make hatchets throwable? also if possible enchantable with loyalty?
This comment has been removed
can you update it so the expansions work, since it uses player.json the expansions dont work because theyre seperate addons
You now cannot upgrade any diamond weapons to netherite due to the netherite smithing template upgrade. Please fix this because the netherite items are now unobtainable in survival mode.