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Published on November 14, 2020 (Updated on November 17, 2020)

Wearable Bubbles (Update)

You all have watched different videos of mods wearing bubbles that give special effects in Java edition but I have created this mod which will give you bubbles that give you special effects like speed, haste, and more.

You can not wear these bubbles normally like armor. You have to hold on screen or right click to wear them. Before wearing other bubble unequip the previous bubble from inventory or the bubble that you are wearing will disappear. Always turn on experimental gameplay option before using this add-on.Pls turn on experimental gameplay option..

You have seen in above images that in inventory it's pink and block colour I don't know why but I think it doesn't affects your skin.

Crafting recipes :-

Soul stone

The main item used for crafting bubbles

Jump bubble

This bubble gives you jump boost.

Night vision Bubble

This bubble gives you night vision effect.

Speed bubble

This bubble will give you speed

Haste bubble

This bubble will give you haste effect.

Strength Bubble

This bubble will give you more strength.

Regeneration Bubble

This bubble will give you regeneration effect.

Absorption bubble

This bubble will give you more damage absorption (armor)

Fire resistance bubble

This bubble will give you fire resistance.

Water breathing bubble

This bubble will make you breath in water.

Invisibility bubble

This bubble will make you invisible

I have added only these bubbles. You can comment me issues or more ideas.

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I have fixed speed bubble and add new jump bubble

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4 / 5 (8 votes)
Ok, this mod looks great, but I think you may have misread the original mod(s). I’m 99.9% sure it Baubles, not Bubbles
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It might have been the spell check that turned it form baubles to bubbles
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This would be nice with extra slots to put them on not on head slot.
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you could've said it in a more positive way, to get people to like your creations. I recommend you to speak positively or maybe rephrase how you said that :\ no point to get defensive
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hey don’t be rude have some respect for the creator he’s trying the best to get it to work while you complain about it.
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Really, really, really cool add-on! Like it.
Can I have permission to use and edit your addon for a modpack I'm making?
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