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Published on May 17, 2015 (Updated on May 17, 2015)

Welcome to the Nether [Adventure]

Welcome to the Nether is a map where you will enter into the horror of the Nether. Parkours and puzzles are the two main challenges in the map. Sometimes you will also be presented with multiple different options where choosing the wrong one will lead to instant death.

It's a fun map which makes use of alternative redstone on a few occasions. The map is easy to understand and leaves nothing to confusion. Failing a challenge can cause you to have to start all over so it's definitely a difficult map.

Creator: RebelTheKid


  • Never break/place blocks
  • Set difficulty on
  • Read all signs

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Installation Guides

The map always crashing to my MCPE.. how to fix it?
When I trying to load the map it just freezes then crashed...
Um how do you install it for Apple?
Try this:
Dear “Jk"

If you want to install it for Apple just follow these steps :
Step 1 : install iMazing on your pc or Mac
Step 2 : after installing install the file of the map
Step 3 : connect your iPad to your pc or Mac
-how to connect : from any ios charger get the plug out of it
Step 4 : after connecting your apple device to pc open iMazing then you will find your iPad synced in your pc
Step 5 : after that you will find all of your applications synced in your pc including Minecraft,then press on minecraft and then press on and all of the choices coming out of minecraft app then you will find “minecraft.worlds" just press on it and you will find all of your worlds in minecraft
Step 6 (finale) : bring the file of your map then move it inside and it will downloads and then it is done but make sure your minecraft is not opened.And there you go
Note: after installing the world shutdown your apple device then restart it
-the iMazing app have another name it is called “DiskAid" but it is the same app
-there is another app like this one exactly called iexplorer it does the same but I prefer using iMazing but they both have the trial version you have to buy the full version but the trial version stays for maybe 15 days only.

Best regards, ;)