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Published on March 20, 2021 (Updated on April 07, 2021)

Werewolves Vs. Humans RP (Beta)

Trapped in a forest for all eternity is not easy, especially with werewolves lurking around. Roleplay in this forest as a human surviving against the werewolves, or a werewolf seeking down and turning humans to their side. The choice is yours

Werewolves Vs. Humans RP is takes place in a forest where nobody can escape, not even werewolves. Once you spawn in this world, you will be set with the choice to either become a werewolf or a human. Below is the difference between the two types.


Goal: When night rises; hunt down and kill humans to hopefully bring them to your side

  • Three classes; Footsoldier, Healer, and Ranger
  • Very offensive, unarmored
  • Starts in Werewolf Crypt
  • If killed by a human, they have the choice to either stay a werewolf, or convert to a human
  • Make sure to be back at your shelter by dawn, or you will most likely be captured
  • Be sure to have an appropriate skin for this role (recommended with ears and/or a tail) so your allies don't mistake you for a human

Werewolves are sly, cunning creatures who made their home in the cursed woods, they prey on animals day and night, but when night rises, that's when they hunt down their main target for reproduction; Humans. During the day, they hide away in their cavern, avoiding capture by humans, but some have curiosity of humans, and go out to try to befriend them or observe their behavior. At night, that's when the werewolves come out and attack humans who didn't make it back to Human Base in time, attempting to turn them into werewolves as well. They can be smart sometimes as well, some may be able to get into the base before the gates shut so they can kill off every human remaining. Even though that's never the end of it.


Goal: Survive the forest

  • Four classes; Knight, Archer, Medic, and Spy
  • Very defensive, wear Iron Armor
  • Starts in Human Base
  • If killed by a werewolf, they have the choice of staying a human, or turn into a werewolf.
  • Get back to your base and close the gates by dusk, or you may end up as one of the werewolves.
  • You don't have to have a human skin to be a human, just don't make it a wolf/werewolf.

Humans are travelers who got trapped in the cursed forest, they have quickly learned how to survive and how to stay a human by foraging materials to build the Human Base; a walled-off shelter that protects humans when werew0lves come out. During the day is when they explore the forest and collect resources to survive the long nights. At night, they head back into their base and close off the gates to stay safe, those who did not make it back in time are left for the werewolves. For the humans of the cursed forest, its both a team effort and survival of the fittest.


There are currently six structures in this version of Werewolves Vs. Humans RP. Below are an image and description of each;

Human Base


This structure was quickly built by the humans who got trapped in the cursed forest. Once night falls, it is up to the humans to let in returning allies and close the gates before the werewolves come.

Werewolf Crypt


Once a holy place, this base used to be a place of holy rituals before it became the hideout of the werewolves. Outside of the crypt is a graveyard of monks that died in the sacred grounds. inside is a simple cavern with the statue of a long-forgotten god at the end.

Queen's Gazebo


This old gazebo once belonged to an ancient queen over 200 years ago! Now it lay in ruin within these woods, surprisingly still here after all these years.

Spring of Healing/Strength


Two ancient springs of magic power lay in two spots around the forest. The spring with the red gate is known as the Spring of Healing. Those who rest in it feel the healing effects of the water cure their wounds, and restore them to health. The spring with the yellow gate is called the spring of strength. When one rests in it, they feel stronger and are able to do more damage to any foe or prey that stand in their way!

Sacrificing Grounds


This was once a ground for holy sacrifices when Werewolf Crypt used to be a sacred ground. You can look, but try not to sacrifice yourself.

Suggestions and Bug Reports

If you have a suggestion, or a bug to report, make sure to DM it to me on twitter @EnderBorne01. 

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Changes in Beta 0.3.2

  • Fixed a bug where werewolves can't become human
  • Changed Spawning Mountain's snow so it wouldn't melt
  • Updated so its compatible with 1.16.220

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3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
this a great map. keep up the work
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Thank you, but I'm putting it aside for now to work on SkyDungeon 2.
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There are no extra resource packs on this map, but it's understandable why you'd want a zip
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Because mi minecraft can't open .mcworld
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love the map im downloading it now
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- one star , i realy like wherwolves so update this map and add mor wherewolf classes
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Ok, thanks for the feedback. I will try to come up with werewolf classes. Also, this is only in beta and I will still add more to it over time.
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Cool and sounds interesting, but sadly, I can't play it since I have to update my game. I had thoughts on making my own version of your map. Don't worry I will credit you for inspiration, and I will only start making it when I have your permission.
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Seems very very cool might downlaod
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This was a lot of fun roleplaying on, keep up the good work
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