When Pigs Fly

Riding pigs is so useless it shouldn't be a minecraft feature, but this addon is here to correct that! Now, the unique way to fly in survival, is... RIDE PIGS!! (Or spend hours crafting fireworks and finding elytras!!!)

I was bored and i wanted to do something fun, then I remembered the Minecraft archivement "when pigs fly" it occurred to me to do this, I know, I know, it's a ridiculous, but funny Add-On 😀

First find a saddle and a pig, then craft a Carrot on a stick (1 fishing rod and a carrot, shapeles) (this is pretty obious but in case you don't know you can ride pigs by interacting with them with a saddle and facing the direction you want to go holding a Carrot on a stick)


Start riding the pig and when you want to fly look up and if you want to desend just look down, if you dismount the pig in the air the pig will suffer fall damage (i guess you will want some slow falling potions), so you can still get the archivement (if you edit your world (not in-game) you can get archivements in worlds with Add-Ons and/or cheats on), also the pig's health is the same so be carefull when flying in the nether or the end dimension cuz of the dangers of lava, ghasts or the EnderDragon in the end, Also try to avoid creepers and skeletons!!!.

As you can see i am riding a pig and flying, it is the first time i made a flying entity, but instead of adding a mob, it edits the pig behavior, i don't know how to model and/or animate so no 3d animated wings sorry.

They can still fly even with the inventory full of Gold. (it's a joke, you can even ride a chicken with the inventory full of gold and nothing will happen)

There is an optional resource pack now, tap on the gear for choose if you want a futuristic look (per default) (with Ironman based boots) or a medieval one (with white angel/bird wings). If you want i can add EnderDragon wings or demon wings, Tell me in the comments!!!.


Robot Boots:

It has is a subpack (the same thing with the gear) in the Behavior Pack compatible with NoMoreWaterDismounts Add_On (per default)

That's all in this Add_On, i can't explain this in detail cuz of being too small and simple

Select version for changelog:


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Use all the experimental options exept the custom biomes and turn on cheats (yes, it uses functions and animation controllers, it's compatible with add-ons that have swords but not with add-ons that have armors, edit pig's behavior or have animation controllers in the behaviour).


  • WhenPigsCanFly RES.mcpack
  • WhenPigsCanFly BEH.mcpack

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29.Ozomatli.Aguirre October 14, 2021 at 9:55 pm
what kind of medaford is this
Funny addon! Really creative tho. Good job.
Lol So funny but nice i can use it in survival
If you think this is useless just don't download it.