Published on December 23, 2019 (Updated on December 23, 2019)

Winter Lucky-Block Challenge Games

It’s that time of the year again, and Kraken Creations has created another awesome Christmas map!

Holiday Lucky-Block Challenge Games features the players opening up lucky blocks to use against Santa Claus, or PvP with each other depending on which game mode is selected. The game features a bunch of custom made items and weapons to help you win in the custom made arena!

Special thanks to Vladu11 for letting us use his “Santa Boss” addon, and Effect99 who helped with the lucky block commands!

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Please please fix link I was so excited to play but the link it forwards to you doesn't work.
It didn’t work it took me to a scam site.
Awesome pack, the only issue I had is the the blocks that generate light are way too low, so a lot a places in my buildings are very dark. Can you try to update the light from blocks.

I really love the underwater effect, very cool that it's wavy underwater. It would be even more cooler if mobs and yourself were also wavy underwater
Funny how you didn't give credit to Popularmmos for copying his arena
The link doesn't work anymore
update the download link pls
Could we get a .zip of this?
The link sent me to a scam site.
It’s not a scam, it’s a website to the link. Read the instructions on the download information.
it's an actual scam. I now gave me a notification just as soon as i pressed allow notifications, this thing called pushrase was in the bottom right of the notification. It probably had a virus or something.
No oops it actual works. Sorry for saying that it was a scam
Hey donald can u please send the link? because it sends me to a scam website i wanna relive my childhood
what is the discord?
I’ve got to emit, this is honestly a masterpiece! Fun to play and never gets old! Great job!
Thx me and MineClan are the main builders for this map
Omg! This is exactly what I was looking for! AMAZING!
Hey! I deeply apologize for the inappropriate ads, sadly the ads that are shown are completely out of our control, and can change day to day. If the ads are bothering you, feel free to join our discord server (we have a link without any ads on it there)!
Hello people so I noticed that the link takes you through some inappropriate stuff am I allowed to post a different link (its still your map im just letting you know)
Guest-7983043214 May 31, 2020 at 6:21 pm
Please do! Thanks