Published on December 12, 2017 (Updated on December 23, 2017)

Winter Season Addon

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Hey I have a ideas someone made a addon bushy leaves and you should make this addon work with his
Is a Nice Mod Thank You! Snow Weather COOL! :)
Great addon, using this during Christmas!
Hello, I am currently working on a Christmas themed map and would really like to include your addon in the world download. If I did this, I would credit you clearly in my descriptions, leaving a link to this post, and would place a sign in the map spawn. crediting you and the name of the addon.
dropped link :(
Hey, maby you could add white veins? If thats not a problem ofcourse
You need to do something about the new biome colour system, the addon no longer works, it used to work but not anymore. I can use this but the biome colours remain unchanged.

Please Update it.
zip works
Guys I don't know how to get a profile pic less than 100x100 and less than 50 Kb please help and btw I love this Addon it's so amazing on my world
What is the Santa? Is that from the Santa boss fight Addon?
Mods technically add to the game compared to add-ons that just change stuff the game
So yeaah
Who cares anyway if this is an add on or resource pack
If this is just a texture pack, why does the title say it's an addon?
plz add a good cloudy skibox for this addon. Skiboxes doesn't effect framerate.
Love the add on so cool!