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Published on January 27, 2016 (Updated on January 27, 2016)

77301621: Witch Hut & Village at Spawn

Seed ID

whats the coordinates
I need the coordinates to witch hut
followed ur directions in 1.12 and i found the village, and right next to it WAS A DESERT TEMPLE. It had lost of bones in it for the pet lovers like me, and i went down the shore line and followed the swamp biome, and indeed found the witches hut.
Hey guys I found a witch hut seed it's epic 984746903 I'm a bit new to the game (remember we're talking about pocket edition) I do not know the point of the witch hut but north west of the witch hut is a village with a black smith with not one not two but three diamonds!!! You could go to the nether easily and early!!!
I am in the right place, I have the right seed and where I am standing there should be a witch hut but there isn't. What do I do??
Yes! Me too! I have looked everywhere and I can’t find the Witch Hut either! Although I did find the village I just couldn’t find the Witch Hut! Where is it? And I am on the most updated version of Minecraft PE, but it didn’t spawn or something! What the What!?
me three there seems to be a red mushroom
What's the name of the village I'm new to this game
I found the witch hut. I dug down in the well and thare was not a strong hold so that's a little bit of a disappointment. But other than that I love the seed so thank you so much.
It diddnt work it's stupid only a swamp no village or which hut at span like it said and that's a lie I want a real seed that works for a witch hut not a fake seed I want something real
Awesome seed I don't know about you guys but I like the company of the witch.
Yeah, it gets lonely sometimes in Minecraft.
There is no witch
Sometimes the witch is out on an errand. Try to come back later to the house. Or you can go in creative mode and use a witch spawn egg to spawn the witch.
There's no witch even my version is 0.14 there's a village a hut but no witch and in my other world no seed was used but I saw a witch and threw bottles at me
Explosive bottles and poison bottles what was that a bug?
The witch is the green egg
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