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Published on November 21, 2015 (Updated on November 21, 2015)

The Witch's Mansion Escape [Adventure]

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I literally just jumped from the bed onto the closet, then I jumped onto the window and opened the doors and escaped
?hi people
Is there a .mcworld link or no because it doesn't let me download anything that is .zip
Loving this map!
i am stuck in the third room can someone give me a hint
Is legit, because it looks as though it contains virus?
The link opens and stop there is no way to download.
Please give a direct link to download the map.
Click the top-right "Skip Ad" button to get past the ad.

Or just go here:
can u give me hints ?i cant figure it out on da first room
I think the top image is the first room:
What's your youtube channel JansHosick?
How do I download whitchs escape mansion?
Can i have some guide editor? I plan to upload my maps on web like mcpeuniverse,justmcpe and other but i find mcpedl is good so i think i want to upload my maps here so may you tell me how to do that in mcpedl?
Once you have created a map send some images to and we'll have a look. That's the fastest way to let us know.

You can also register an account to be able to submit maps.
AdFly is a website where you can shrink URLs and then you get paid!
It's the choice of the creator. It wouldn't be fair for us to review things and then strip the links of their adfly redirect.

What's the problem with adfly? You just need to wait 5 seconds and then press skip ad in the top-right of the screen to continue.
Don't you find it annoying going through a link to get to another link ? Sometimes users use another link shortener to go to adfly then go to the original link . And the waiting ... sometimes glitches and says Wait for 30 seconds
You have to approve the links if you want to publish , You choose who will submit and who will not , right ? Check the links and then say that links are not allowed
That's not really how it works. Many good maps use adfly to support their hard work.

Keep in mind that people usually spend tens of hours to make these maps so you can download them for free. It's not too much asking in my mind to go through a 5 second advertisement to support the map creators.
Since I am Bangladeshi, India blocks every single links
Try use a proxy server to hide your location. Here's a free option:
In INDIA links not working
Try use a proxy server. Here's one service you can use: