Published on January 17, 2019 (Updated on January 17, 2019)

Wither Rose Addon

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I'm OG. I played since Cave Game, so nostalgia stan here.
I love this Addon.
This is the exact reason I entered the Beta. Wither Roses! I had this concept addon first, then I found out the Beta had them. I have Wither Roses in pots all over my houses in every World. I downloaded this Add-on now that I found it again just for nostalgia sake.
I still play in Beta. Never left. Thank you Wither Rose, my favourite flower!
Amazing ??
lol we have them now so this is useless f in the chat for this addon
I downloaded it anyway. I missed this Addon in my files.
not in bedrock edition my boi
Its a mob and its invisible and is from spawn egg it doesnt work
Pls update to 1.12
I can’t download it all it does is take me to a site for “money” which is a scam. Do you need to change the link?
I finally found the Mediafire link after searching through clickbait site. It was worth it! wither_rose.mcaddon is now secure in My Files and on every SD card I own!
It takes me to a child porn site which downloads a Trojan all by itself!
He changed the site a bit. Just clickbait rubbish now.
Hello NetherNinja! I am a user on! I would like to request a addon where there is a mob called 'Steve'. Here is my idea for it! It spawns in the nether. You can only find it on floating blocks in the nether, and it is resistant to lava. I really want you to make this because I will be making a world called 'The Stave Apocalypse' and I need hostile Steve NPC's in my world.

P.S: The steves will have a 1% chance of spawning in the end, and also the overworld. If thy spawn in the end, they will have the ability to teleport, and if they spawn in the overworld, you can take them like wolves, and they can help you on your adventure! If you can't do the separate abilities, you can make all of the abilities into one. Thank you! - Blah (P.P.S: My actual account is XUDamagedSteveUX)
Herobrine would be better. Don't change the World title "The Steve Apocalypse" though, you want the jumpscares. Trust me!
What do they replace???
Nothing! Its ADDING!
wow, finally an addon where you add something new to the nether. Good addon!