Wither Storm Addon (Killeable) V3

Hello everyone here i bring you a complement of the wither storm of the game minecraft story mode
Original creator Of This Wither Storm With functionality of being able to die is JualetYT (ElparceJuan) THE ORIGINAL CREATOR WITHOUT THE CAPACITY TO DIE IS 鸥吃鱼
this addon adds to the storm wither and new scenes how the death of the storm wither (after killing the storm wither, his body will come out on the ground after a minute he will get up and will spawn with 2 new wither storm will wake up for back to the battle

  new features 

• new death of the wither

• new severe wither storm

• new giant wither storm

• ray of attraction remastered

i hope you like this addon and have fun in your minecraft world I plan to make more updates to the add-on and I plan to release a new add-on

spanish version for people who speak it


stages of wither storm

0 Spawn

1 wither 

2 the absorption

3 the fatal head

4 the first tentacles

5 the wither storm

6 severed wither storm

this is the end of the stages but by doubt the show the spawn egg

  • Now In This Update You Can Kill The Wither Storm The Life Of The Wither Varies Between 750 the first stage until the giant storm that has 7000 life
  • To start killing the wither storm you need to wait a few seconds because it is gaining strength to attack once it has awakened

There are other people who created this plugin but I am the person who made it remastered and optimized so that people can play with better performance, And apart from my version the Wither Storm can die

Select version for changelog:


several bugs have been fixed along with a new rendering of the wither storm and one of the most important ships that we have fixed is that for some devices they will no longer Crashear while playing. And we have optimized the wither storm functions for better gamers playing And we have made the wither movement more fluid for some devices. For future updates we want to make the wither not go below the ground. Plugin keeps calling WS V3 because it's just bug fix


to install the plugin you need to download the file

•ws addon

 then click and import it to minecraft bedrock 

important you must activate the experimental options and click on activate resource and behavior

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

bro I got past the adfly but the permission window dosen't come so I can't go to the actual website of download and there are no credits of the original creators I hate people that use adfly, very dodgy mod.
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
i want the tentagos to be seaperrated
virus its automatically dowolnoads virus
yes my com got viurs ,kill my com X(
there is a dup pack when i downlow it
the wither storm is just digging the only way I made him go up is by making him fight a normal wither
and the fireballs is verry cool!
super nice! im love this addon wen im will destroy things!
Hi I am here nice addon I have v21
Hey it’s me again. I have more suggestions. Please put an option in the behaviour pack for the wither storm music. Whether it’s on or off. And also please make the wither storm’s command block make those Minecraft Storymode sound effects.
For those of you who can understand me. Where can I download the Engender Addon. I really want it.
HypnoticImp12428472 August 11, 2021 at 4:42 pm
How do you get the spawn egg?
Get it in Creative mode. Make sure all experiment options are turned on.
How long this take
Hey please PLEASE make the wither storm be able to fly around instead of just staying in the same spot. Also please make the wither storm be able to grow bigger. And please make it be able to suck up mobs and all kinds of blocks like the real wither storm. Thanks!