Published on August 06, 2021 (Updated on September 13, 2022)

Withered Cells 1.1.1

“Play Perfect or die frequent” Heyall It’s me again I have been working on this map for 25+ days Along with oceanblock but finally I have finished the map..And I decided that I would post it here Info about the map below:

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  • Also a few tiny reworks on some areas

(Some areas could still break but not at a major way like before)

The full changelog of Bug fixes is on the map

Now in other words

Im really sorry for taking a long time on fixing this

As I had to deal with some personal stuff all through this year

At some point everything broke and I really couldn’t find time to work on fixing the map as i started to have new ideas and deal with some other projects

However I knew at some point I had to fix this so I decided I had the most time I could have on this year this month so I started fixing some of the stuff that was broken last update (basically all the update lmao)

But the wait is finally done! The update should be playable for once after such a long time 

For those who waited for the update 

You deserve this and thanks for waiting so much time for me to fix this mess

I hope the update is actually somehow good

Cyall in a probably new update coming some time 

(If you find a new bug make sure to report it here or on my Twitter!)



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Yo this map is fire mate I love the roguelike style of the map and story behind it you probably apply dead cells into mcpe and its succsesful keep your good work
Thanks for the comment!
People like u motivate me to keep updating the map :>
Thanks for the words and i hope you enjoyed the map!
Can i have permission to use this map for my youtube channel it's great bro
Thanks for the comment
Sure bro!
As Long as You don't claim it as yours and credit me!
game frequently breaks. door to guard room remains open after a couple attempted runs in the game. the pressure plate that teleports you back to the lobby breaks so im forced to import another copy of the map to play again
sometimes mobs ive killed in previous runs are already dead too
Thanks for the comment!
About the guard room it's probably about the new fix i added to it
Maybe it also broke it again so i'll try to fix it on the 1.0.9
About the pressure plate what do you mean it broke? Did the pressure plate really broke or just the commands didnt react?
And about the mobs am also confused What do you mean they are dead?
A better detailed version of your feedback would help me or contact me on Twitter to fix this problems on a future content update!
Thanks for the comment :
after stepping on the pressure plate, nothing happens so i think its a problem with the commands, the pressure plate itself is fine. also about the mob problem, it usually happens at the sewers where you have to get to the mineshaft key, the zombie is nowhere to be found but the coin that drops from it is on the ground
forgot to mention that the mob problem happens after attempting the game multiple times so basically dying a lot
Thanks for the comment!
Thanks for the detailed info
About the pressure that happens when there is a lack of a mob example:zombie
I'll Fix it once i find a way to make it not laggy since i do have ways to make the prototype
About the zombie they normally drown on the sewers if they are tiny zombies
And about the coin is probably from previous mobs that didnt got killed on a previous run but got killed by the command block
Thanks for the information i'll try to fix some of this problems on the 1.0.9!
hey the map is awesome, just a few quick bugs, you can place the barrier block with the barrier item you added, that could be an issue because I had to go into creative to get rid of it, also the mineshaft key didnt work, i also pressed the button on the side too. another thing you may of not know, when using minecraft:cooldown, do not use the preset ender_pearl or chorus_fruit, you can make your own, for example, for coin, type coin. friend me on discord GoldenRuler#4389 if you are confused at what I mean, as I wont be able to check back here (ill probally forget)
Hey thanks for the comment!
About the barrier block I never had a problem related to that
Since you are in adventure mode you can’t place blocks including barrier ones (or you can?)
If you mean the barrier block wall on the health potion room that’s meant to happen to avoid getting two health potions
About the mineshaft key problem you are supposed use it on the button
After that the iron gate should be open (I may add a advice message that tells you the gate is open)
And about the coin and other items related to cooldown
I use an app that lets me create addons that should explain this type of problems! (Apps that are able to “create” addons are normally not that good)
Still I’ll try to edit the inner code of the addon next version
Thanks for the comment and i hope you enjoyed Withered Cells! :D
The best! But It's so hard and when i got the jump crystal, i died because levitaation time or value wasn't enough, aafter i died there, now im stuch at the respawn point where you land at the pressure plate, and i see so many boss bars naamed "test". Please fix it.
The bug was from the previous version
Thanks for the comment!
I made the jump crystal with the lowest value and time of the effect so it could be harder to master the mechanic
I made it intentionally because the jump needs to be made in the exact moment
Just in case I will make it a bit easier on the next version
Along with the test names I will reduce the nametags so it cant be that annoying when you get in the respawn
Thanks a lot for the feedback comment! :D
Lol thanks for the 5 stars! :D