Published on May 21, 2020 (Updated on October 17, 2020)

Wizardry Addon

This addon adds 10 magic wands that shoot projectiles and use mana. Mana is regenerated over time and is displayed above your hotbar as a blue bar, and when you use the wand the blue bar decreases.

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+ Added Netherite Wand

+ Added Death Wand

+ Bug Fixes


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Mana bar big and very high which makes it away from the hud.
Um, how are you supposed to use the wands. I am right clicking and doing what it says and it's not really working.
Neat looking, great idea, absolutely horrible implementation.

1. If you're going to spawn an egg as the projectile, change the gravity and speed so it actually looks like you're firing a wand instead of just throwing a textured square egg.

2. Do NOT fire a function every single tick that does not need to run every single tick. (There are 20 ticks per second.) This is the single biggest issue add-on makers make. Keep in mind people are going to be using these addons for multiplayer SERVERS, as well, meaning that code will run for EVERY player on the server, lagging it into oblivion.

The scoreboard only needs to be refreshed every 30 ticks before it disappears. You can increase that slightly for showing the mana charging. No less than 10 ticks.

3.The wands need an animation when you fire them instead of just sitting there static in the player's hand. The animation should be the same as the animation when you press the attack button.

4. Why is your magic function setting up the scoreboard every single tick while the player is alive? Do the initial setup in the first "default" transition, then make a loop between two other transitions only when needed.

5. Your transitions in the animation controller for the player are wrong/broken. Why are most of them trying to transition to state "wooden_wand" when that state isn't defined in any of them? I'm not sure how that would ever actually work properly.
god dammit man i hate when people act like this about addons. Do you not understand that this takes time. Dont come here to complain about it, fix it urself or just report a bug nicely
the addons take time but changing the ticks is insanely easy, As somone who mods
thats what ungrateful brats who don't know how to create a addon are
You guys are absolute shmucks. This is the kind of feedback I'd actually want to improve my shit. No nice nor hateful things said, I want a clear description on why xyz is a problem and to fix it. I wish I can rate comments 5 stars.
If you could make a wand were u combine all the more powerful wands?

the ultimate wand..... when u hold it and sneak it will change what kind of power it does
Will it work without experimental gameplay
Amazing mod if you updateit you can add
netherite Staff that shot homing shots just use shulker shots instead of snowball
Enderscript studios July 16, 2020 at 11:13 pm
Can I use this in my modpack?
Awsome addon! The only issue I ran into was that when I died and respawned the mana bar vanished and I couldn’t use the staffs anymore, also the mana bar kinda gets in the way of your view, it’d be great if you could move it lower down or somewhere else where it’s more out of the way. All in all though a fantastic addon ?
Insanly good ad-on but doesnt work with nearly any other mod
why cna i not use it on switch and how do I even use it
That's not the add-on maker's fault.
Switch does not have any way to import outside files into a game, and that's why you can't use it on switch.
Blame nintendo, not them.
Y my stick r all eggs
Hey can u update it to 1.16? And possibly make a resource and behavior pack files since it is more successful to move them into the Minecraft files. I’m looking forward to play the addon since they are saying the zip file is invalid
Is it normal that when I launch a projectile I walk slower (as if I were aiming with a bow but even slower)?
Bro I'm Gonna Use Your Addon For My Pixel adventure Maps
I'm Gonna Credit You With Respect?