Published on July 22, 2019 (Updated on March 20, 2021)

Wizards! Add-on

For anyone that needs a bit of ZAP in their Minecraft lives, we now have ... Wizards! If you thought witches were cool (and who doesn't) well, these guys will most happily set them on fire. You too, if you happen to be in the way.

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Added the new red wizard (with a new attack). Also fixed a few minor issues (wizards not keeping their distance), and made thing glow a bit.


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Yo So Cool Bro can you make a addon is parkour block and tnt hope you can make it You are the best 100/100 all of your addon work for bedrock education edition and java
All bugs fixed bro, you're the best!
Can you add a lightning attack and a levitation
Dude, other than the fact that this add-on looks awesome, it's got to be the best written description I've ever read on here. ??
Haha thanks! Not sure what was going through my brain - not much, probably.
Can you make them to do spells according their colour?! For example red is fire, blue its water, etc... Or elemental basis...
And to be yourself a wizard too
Why the wizard attack fish?
if possible, add a very powerful magician like a holy magician who uses the elements of fire and lightning
it will be best if you nerf down those creature since I think they were too op (very high HP+healing) . Aside from that, in the case of the evil wizard, it seems that mob is still a neutral mob since other neutral mobs like zombie pigmen, untamed wolfs (even cats, I dont know why?). To sum up everything, they act the same as the ordinary wizard whenever they are attack.
Yep I know what you mean. They can be beasts to take down once they start gulping down those potions, got to be quick.

I think we made evil wizards attack .... ... anything tagged as an 'animal' or 'player'. So, they'll leave monsters alone (unlike the 'good' wizard). The good wizard will attack anything tagged as a 'monster' or... pig..?? They must not like pigs!! Once tamed they leave pigs alone, that's nice of them.
Me kill dog with it
Weican has can
Still Chill Still Chill Still Chill Still Chill Still Chill
You sould add charged evil wizards like how creepers turn into charged creepers when they are hit by lightning
Hmmmmm. This is an interesting idea. We haven't done the struck-by-lightning thing, might be a good opportunity.
I tried to install this and idt didnt work, also im a noob at installing mods. Will it work for xbox? Thanks also I gave 5 stars cause its a really cool idea and i hope i can get it to work to add it to my realm :)
For Xbox users, ElderWizardGaming has an amazing install guide. Awesome.
I feel like the entity model could be better, but this looks good. Maybe I'll try it sometime.