Wood Parkour

Wood parkour is parkour made with all the wood from the existing trees in Minecraft. This parkour has 10 level! This Parkour is very good to play because the higher the level, the more difficult it will be and each level has interesting things in it you can see it in this map.

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  • Added a mini "Find the button" in Jungle level. Now you can choose between completing parkour normally or finding a button in that level.
  • Changed the system at each checkpoint so that the title and sound only appear once for each person who steps on the pressure plate on each level.


Installation Guides

i wanna try it but Linkverse is doing that stupid thing where it asks you to download an app :(
Can I reprint it to the Chinese website
Sorry, but i want to keep this world in this site only
it lovley but i dont know how to dolowd it );
1.Click on "Free Access with Ads"
2. Click on "Discover interesting articles"
3. Wait 10 seconds then exit out of the articles
4. Click "Continue"
It's a lovely map but some of the jumps are crazy hard, I've not been able to get past the jungle level QwQ
thanks for the feedback. I will fix it in the next update
Omg!! this parkour is amazing and very cool 😱😱