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Published on May 12, 2017 (Updated on May 12, 2017)

3322636929: Woodland Mansion Nearby Spawn ( Only)

This seed will spawn you very close to two medium-sized villages in a plains biome and one huge woodland mansion situated in a roofed forest biome. Woodland mansions are known for being extremely rare and that's why finding one this close to spawn makes it very attractive. However, you have to keep in mind that it'll only work for users who have got version 1.1 and above.

Found by: ChillyKnight, Twitter Account

The spawn is in a plains biome very close to a thick oak forest. Just walk straight ahead for a while and you will soon reach a small village. Continue past that village to reach a second village.

The second is a bit larger the first one and it also includes a blacksmith. But it's not really the main attraction in this seed. From here take a turn to your left and you will soon reach a lake and then the woodland mansion.

The woodland mansion is located just next to the lake and surrounding it are lots of dark oak trees.

There are plenty of things to see inside the mansion. For example, in one of the rooms you'll find a pumpkin farm. But you have to be careful because some of the mobs here are hostile toward players.

Seed: 3322636929

Important: This seed requires version (or above). Android users can sign up for a beta here!

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Cross Guardian, I feel like you shouldn't be rude to the creator just because you couldn't find it. You were probably on a lower version then what the creator had said. He said it only worked for people with Minecraft Version or above. Either you weren't reading the version part, or you were just to lazy to look. So stop being rude to the creator!
This looks great!
i found one village and didn't found the second one or the mansion so this seed of yours is bullshit
No swear words please?
I want to try this on my IPad but I also want to try Java. Which one is it on?
4/5 cause the woodland mansion is not at spawn
it says nearby spawn, not at spawn
I love it its perfect for me and my friends to make little rooms in :)
Hey! I love this seed because I could never find a mansion on Windows 10 but I finally found the mansion!
it doesent work for me and maybe its bacase I have windows 10 version
But im mad
This seed is sick :) perfect for a group of friends on a realm to share :)
Found a spider spawner at 1442 22 393, right next to the second village
This seed is amazing it’s all true and I looked underground and found a huge ravine with a mineshaft and a move spawner this seed is incredible tysm for it ??
I could not find it
It's great a seed , very easy to find mansion and very close too .But there is only one village which doesn't have a blacksmith , but that's ok the main thing is mansion and that is amazing.
The house is at 1796, 95, 423
Theres a huge mineshaft below the house with spawners perfect for making farms. (note: spawners only spawn if you are within 16 blocks of them so make a afk spot in the middle of them all)
At 1782, 17, 453 theres a zombie spawner
At all these places theres a cave spider spawner
1815, 19, 408
1911, 19, 438
1895. 19, 456
1879, 19 470
1927, 19, 423
Those are all the spawners i found with a quick look probably are a lot more.
And I found another abandoned mineshaft under the mansion itself!