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Published on June 24, 2017 (Updated on June 24, 2017)

Working Functional Computer [Redstone]

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Tic tac toe is the only thing that works but this is still good
This Is AWESOME sometimes the letters don't show up on the huge screen but when they do work its super cool!
Only tic tac toe works but it’s cool it still works so that’s a 4 star ⭐️
only the tic-tac-toe works, and the letters don't come out. PLEASE FIX!
its hard to make a giant working computer ok be more sensitive
The letters don’t come up on the computer only on screen
i try to type stuff on the computer but nothing commes up help
Doesn’t work, none of it
It doesn’t seem to work for me to all block are fully working but i can’t type i’m using 1.4.2 minecraft pocket edition for ios
Nope didn't work but the tic tac toe works i can't do the words it does not works
Doesn't seem to work. This map may now be outdated, or it just doesn't work on Win 10. I think Minecraft may have got new updates after this map was created. I didn't check it out on Android.
Didn’t work for me so I got a little mad and blew it up
Bro that is soooo cool, how did you even manage to get the ideas like the command one???
Can you put it on pocket edition?