Working Phone in Minecraft 2

Meet the MinePhone II, a fully functional phone that fits into the palm of your blocky hand. It uses map technology that give you a 128x screen. The phone has a working keyboard and the infamous Minecraft in Minecraft! It’s very easy to get the hang of.

📱 How to open –

Optional: If you open the resource pack, you change change style of phone you want.

When you first open the phone in the world, you must sneak (crouch) to unlock the phone. You can hold the phone in your mainhand or offhand! 

After sneaking you will be met with the homescreen with 10 apps to choose from. Most apps on the phone are functional!

The Selector –

It is a yellow outliner that outlines what has been selected.

Controls –

Moving north, south, east, and west (W, A, S, D on computer) = Moving cursor in four directions.

Jumping = Selects what the selector is currently on (It’s like clicking on a screen).

Sneaking = Brings you to the home screen (Its like a home button).

(Most of the Apps will have similar controls)

(If the phone freezes completely, you might have to exit & join back world.

Make sure render distance is above 13!

📱 Here is a preview of some of the phone –

Functional Apps –



Flappy Bird,




The nonfunctional apps will give you an image, but won’t do anything

Nonfunctional Apps –





Extra Information –

Settings – As of now, you can only change the background. Three backgrounds to choose.

Notes – There is all the letters and numbers on the keyboard, there is also a enter and backspace key. There are a few extra symbols as well. Make sure you hit the ‘Save’ button to save your progress!

Photos – Currently 4 Pictures to view.

Flappy Bird – The game I made is accidently way harder and more challenging. I’ll be very impressed if you get a score higher than 5! There is also a scoreboard that tracks your score and Highscore. The game is in BETA and sometimes you might randomly die because it’s on 1FPS.

Music – 5 songs to choose as of now. You can loop songs and stop songs at the bottom of the screen. Music will play even if you have left the app.

Phone – You can dial numbers but it can’t actually call people.

Minecraft (BETA) – I won’t spoil the experience, but to exit the game, place down the barrier block.

Credits –

Created by Freddricc

Notice: Do NOT claim its your own, Do NOT repost on another website without credits to me. Please credit me if showcased, thank you.

Sweden by C418

Wet Hands by C418

Für Elise by Beethoven

Turkish March by Mozart

Calm by C418

Original Apps Credits:



Flappy Bird


Changelog View more

* Fixed a broken link

(I've lately been busy so no updates yet, feel free to give me ideas on what to add next :)

  • Phone has a more modern look
  • More optimized CPU
  • Added Phone
  • Added Minecraft in Minecraft
  • Updated old apps
  • Save & Load feature added to Notes
  • Arrows added on Photos to avoid confusion
  • Calm added to Music
  • Bug Fixes


When on the website, click "Skip This Ad" after 5 seconds. If it takes you to an irrelevant website, close the tab and try again and it should eventually work.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. I expresso deppreso says:

    Tablet/iPad can you make them work on this devices

  2. catloaf says:

    Movement does not work at all on windows 10 (have held key’s down for 30+ seconds to no avail.) Selecting and going back works fine. Maybe you can add an alternative system with items or buttons for windows 10?

  3. Klains says:

    It’s looking cool and everything but I cannot move to any other applications,I am stuck at settings ,I uninstalled and install it 3 times but same can you plz help

  4. Magocboy42 says:

    Please add mobile support

  5. Needyllama says:

    Best šŸ¤©šŸ¤© and plz try my first map plss

  6. ELYTRA says:

    can you add a feature that allows to talk with friends in the world

  7. Jake_CCz says:

    Moblie Supporter will be nice

  8. Ihatemylife says:

    The addon Looks pretty Cool but links doesnt work! Please use mediafire or linkvertise I really want to download this addon ;((

  9. ferchoPortal says:

    excellent map I didn’t know something like this was possible in bedrock

  10. Rice.exe says:

    Hey, i think this map is kind of broken (for me). The game detects sneaking and jumping, but it doesnt recognize W A S D movements. My simulation distance is at 12 and my render distance is at 16.

  11. LETMESNOW26 says:

    Hey, incredible creation. I saw this on Reddit too, you posted it right? (Both r/MCPE and r/Minecraft)

  12. disappointed there’s no PH there /s

  13. Hi, first of wow. So I’m really like messing around with commands myself and was wondering how to you detected when the player sneaks, jumps or holds the map?

  14. Freddricc says:

    Ok guys.. I know you want this phone in an addon..

    If anyone can tell me how to update maps from any position in the world.. I’ll be able to make this into an addon.

    • LETMESNOW26 says:

      Wait do you mean the /ticking area command?

    • BlueFalconHD says:

      So I believe that if you use a very fast command, you can tp them when screen updates, but before that summon an armor stand at there previous position. Then tp them to where the map is. You can use functions for that and it would have a 2 tick delay, which would hardly be noticeable when they are tped because they are looking at the map. Once they get tped back to the armor stand, it would get deleted. Sorry if I have bad spelling, Iā€™m on mobile.

      • Freddricc says:

        Cool idea! I’ll definitely consider it. The only problem is that for games like flappy bird, you would be tped like 50 times so it would definitely be noticeable. Also, I think there is a 5 tick delay for updating maps.

  15. Kourtis123 says:

    I need it on add-on why I need this phone on my country map

  16. Kourtis123 says:

    Can you do it as an add-on too please?

  17. KoshkaBelka says:

    The best

  18. MorbidNoob says:

    May I turn this into an addon?

  19. Guest-2715668793 says:

    It is so amaing! I like this map very much! Can I translate this mcpedl introduction into Chinese and put it in Chinese Forum. I will attach the mcpedl link and the author name.

  20. Guest-3600892396 says:


  21. Guest-2139042164 says:

    great map

  22. Guest-7568578030 says:

    Can I play Minecraft on the MinePhone in Minecraft?

  23. Guest-2710501593 says:

    I can’t download it it sends me to a random scam website that I can’t get past I know you want to make money and you can buy you should just use adfly cuz I can’t download it also I want to use as a YouTube vid so I’ll give credit and stuff

  24. Guest-6554679470 says:

    Can you Make 2d Minecraft?

  25. Guest-8144186237 says:

    Can you make it a addon? It is very cool by thus you will never get bores you will play games or listen music that time really its just amazingi want this in addon it will be pretty i build a city it will cool that person will get mobile in it

  26. Guest-1366015486 says:

    im just impressed this is all out of commands

  27. Guest-3187011468 says:

    well I remember the Icraft of minecraft forge but it’s not MinePhone it’s MineTablet xd

  28. Guest-1966026691 says:

    I would download it if my antivirus didn’t notify me that an exe file was being downloaded to my pc. PLEASE USE DROPBOX OR GOOGLE DRIVE AND NOT A MALICIOUS ADFLY SITE

  29. Guest-8258342172 says:

    Nice ,you have a big brain,Very good job.

  30. THE_BLUE says:

    Nice Map i really like it

  31. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Lol after a lot of skipping adds i got the link

  32. Skiwie Piwie says:

    Pls set the mediafire link in the chat

  33. Guest-3640292110 says:


  34. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    How do i get it in survival?

  35. Guest-9785784253 says:

    The link is broken give mediafire link please or can it works on 1.16?

  36. It never works how do u download

  37. Guest-5065279993 says:

    But… this is a tablet, not a phone…

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