Published on January 25, 2022

World Edit Brush Addon!

Do you need a tool that helps you edit your worlds in Minecraft faster? This is the addon for you. In this addon you can use pre-made world brushes to quickly create landscapes. You can also use custom brushes that you make yourself! Come try this out on your worlds!

Welcome to the First Version of the World Edit Brush Addon!!!

In this addon, you are given a series of brushes to help you edit the terrain of your worlds very quickly.


Tool Chest

The toolchest gives you all of the brushes.


The Sand Brush:

The first brush is the sand brush. This brush paints a pile of sand in your world. This is useful because sand is a gavity block that will fall more naturally into place. Use this to set up the shape of your terrain.

The Sand to Stone Brush:

This brush takes the sand that you have placed in your world and changes it to stone. That way you can make the sand terrain into somethings solid.

The Sand Cover Brush:

If you want to cover your terrain with dirt, use the sand cover brush to cover the top of your terrain again with sand.

The Sand to Dirt Brush:

Use this brush to change that cover layer to dirt.

The Sand to Grass Brush:

Again, if you want your terrain to look more natural, use the sand cover brush again and then use the sand to grass brush to change that top layer to grass.


If you want to create your own custom brush, use the Set Brush Area Tool (PC ONLY) or type "/function set_brush_area" (mobile) and then use the Teleport tool to teleport to your custom brush canvas. Create the shape of your brush and then return to where you were using the return button.

Custom Brush:

Then you can pain one area at a time, or you can press the "Quick Brush Start"  to continuously paint. 

Feel free to offer suggestions for updates or more features for this addon. Email me at [email protected]


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4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
Really good addon that helps with terrain but my only complaint is when I get a tool or weapon like an axe it automatically turns into something for my custom brush. When i try using a grindstone it gets rid of it for a bit and then it comes back