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Published on December 13, 2015 (Updated on December 13, 2015)

World Edit Terra Mod

The World Edit Terra Mod is the ultimate terraforming mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It adds multiple tools and text commands which can be used for creating customized terrains in your worlds. If you are looking for an efficient method for building large natural shaped terrains or copy and pasting structures of different kinds then this mod will make all of that and much more possible.

Creator: schniouf (Twitter Account), Juleno


The sphere features are the ultimate text commands for terraforming. Let us walk you through how to create some amazing terrains.

Hold the item in your hand which you want to use as the sphere tool and then use the following text commands: /sphere tool

Set the radius and block ID of the sphere: /sphere <radius> <blockID>. (Example: /sphere 3 12)

Within a minute or so we managed to create this enourmous sand mountain.

/hsphere is another command which creates a hollow sphere.


The paint feature is another great feature for terraforming on a larger scale and more effeciently. It allows you to replace any blocks you touch with another type of block. Let's have a look how this works.

Hold the tool you want to use for painting and then type the following command to set it as your paint tool: /paint tool

The next thing you need to do is to select a block ID to use for painting: /paint <blockID>%<100>. (Example: /paint 12%100)

Tap on any block to start painting. It took us only a few seconds to paint the ground with sand blocks. It's amazing how fast you can do stuff using this mod.

Here's a few other settings you can set for the paint tool:

  • /paint limit <number> - restricts the paint tool to a number of blocks under the surface
  • /paint size <radius> - changes the radius size of the paint tool
  • /mask <blockID> - will only repaint this block ID, all other blocks are ignored

Brush: Melt, Smooth, Fill

The following features are extremely useful to make your terrains have a more natural looking shape.

The first thing you need to do is to set which block ID you want to use: /b block <blockID>

In our example we chose to build a mountain by the use of stone blocks (block ID: 1).


Type /b melt to activate melting. Use an arrow to add blocks in front of you and gunpowder to remove blocks.

Alright, now we've got a good base for the mountain. Let's raise the height of the mountain.


Type /b lift to activate lifting. Use an arrow to raise the blocks in front of you and use gunpowder to lower the blocks.

It's a lot higher now but it doesn't have a natural shape yet. Let's use the smooth feature to fix that.


Type /b smooth to activate smoothing, use gunpowder to smoothen the terrain to give it a more natural shape.

After some work with the smooth feature you can see that the mountain looks more natural and not as rough and edgy.

Selection Tool

The selection tool is by default set to be a wooden axe (it's not the ordinary axe, open the creative inventory and select the weapons tab, then scroll down to the bottom to find the right axe). The selection tool can be used for selecting structures to copy and paste them.

Select a bottom corner of the structure by holding down your finger on the block for a 1-2 seconds as if you were trying to break the block. To select the second position do a quick tap on a top corner of the structure.


Now when we've selected a structure it's time to copy it. Type /copy to perform the action.


The selection is now copied to your clipboard. Walk to the position in your world where you would like to paste your structure.

In our case we chose to paste our structure a little further away at some trees.

  • /paste | pastes the entire structure
  • /paste - a | pastes the structure without the air blocks
  • /paste a | pastes the structure with the air blocks

Reset Selection With Other Block

A selection of blocks can be reset with another type of block. In this case we've selected a large dirt structure. If we type /set 41 the dirt blocks will be turned into gold. It's like magic!

  • /set <blockID>

Block Information

If you want to find out the ID of a certain block then the following commands will come handy.

  • /id - shows the ID of the block which you are holding in your hand, use the same command to enable and disable the feature
  • /idblock - shows the block ID which you are pointing at, you must touch a block (not destroy it) to see the ID, the same command can be used for disabling and enabling the feature

Undo & Redo

To undo and redo actions use the following commands.

  • /undo | use in case you wish to make a paste action undone
  • /redo | used in case you want to make a previous undone action redone


The SuperPickAxe isn't tied to a specific tool. It's instead enabled and disabled by the use of either of the two commands:

  • /superpickaxe
  • //

While having this feature enabled you will be able to break any block extremely quick.

Other Features/Commands

  • /overlay tool
  • /overlay size <radius>
  • /overlay block <id:data>
  • /overlay <id:data>%<percent>
  • /platform
  • /replace <blockID previous> <blockID next>
  • /hsphere (creates a hollow sphere)

Here are a couple of examples of terrains which have been built using this mod.

Download (Dropbox)
Download (MediaFire)
[download label="(Instant Download - Alternative Link)"][/download]

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Me: Copy structure
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