Published on July 10, 2020 (Updated on July 10, 2020)

World Export on Mobile (iOS)

On Minecraft Bedrock on Windows 10, there is an export world button. That button still exists on other platforms, but it is hidden. This resource pack unhides that button on mobile.

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Added a notice that this resource pack doesn't work on Android.


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It actually works on android
Pixel Craft Studios January 27, 2022 at 5:25 pm
can you make a version for windows
This helped me get my application world to external thank you so much, it works on some android devices like mine btw
Please replace experimental button back with the original one, i cant use mods without
This works on Android! thanks for the mod.
Lol this work so fine with my android in 1.17 thanks a lot
Lol somehow i exported on android without issues
This addon works perfectly! I can now make backups of my worlds so i dont accidentaly destroy them!
Please do Android as soon as possible!
Hey man, I tried exporting your pack to Minecraft on ios, for which it failed to do. Is this pack updated for the latest version of Minecraft, or is it a problem on my end?
Hello! I wanted to let you know, you will need a file manager, (Dropbox/Documents) and then export it to MCPE.
Hey, why can’t I open it?
For Android users that want to use this addon but doesnt work: To get your world into a .mcworld file, follow the steps:
1. Download a file manager
2. Download a text(.txt) editor
3. Open the file manager>Internal Storage>games>com.mojang>MinecraftWorlds.
4. Now in this folder there are gonna be world folders with confusing names, for ex. : XJDKjriw9EKK.
5. Pick a world folder and open the 'levelname.txt' file with the text editor.
6. Now find the world you want to export using this method on all the world folders.
7. Once you've found it, copy that world folder to a separate folder(wherever you want).
8. Now open that world folder and select(tap and hold) all the contents inside.
9. Somewhere on your screen there should be 3 dots, tap that.
10. There should be an option to compress the file into a .zip.
11. Once you've compressed into a .zip, rename that file to world.mcworld.
12. It should be done! if you face any problems reply to this comment and lmk, ill try to help!
Awesome, thanks
The worlds file doesn't appear at the Minecraft pe file
Is there a way to make zip worlds to mcworld, half of the map works and some doesnt please help
You have to rename the zip zo mcworld
This requires you to have selected "External" within settings of the game to save files outside

If you didn't change it, it will store internal in /data/data which cannot be accessed by normal means
An AMAZING pack, would it be possible for android users tho?
actually nvm works for android users :) amazing pack btw ngl