Published on November 19, 2020 (Updated on November 19, 2020)

World of Achievements

This map allows you to complete some of the most difficult Minecraft achievements in 20 minutes.

It is also useful for fun with TNT, but that is optional.

This map is very good, I hope you like it.

Hello everyone, this is my first map, in this you can do some of the most difficult Minecraft achievements in 20 minutes.

This map is in Spanish.

Here are some images of the map.

You have all my approval to make a video of this map, but I ask you to put the link on the page, do not use direct downloads, and I also ask you to put my channel: 


Hope you like this map.

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The language of the page was changed from Spanish to English.


If you download the .mcworld file just tap on it when it finishes downloading and the game will launch.

If you download the .zip file, you must unzip it with a file manager, once unzipped you must move it to: Games> Mojang> minecraftworlds, then you can start playing on the map.


  • Logros.mcworld

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4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
Man it looks good just build an English version its a pain having to go through google translate.
Loved it! It did take a little longer to get through everything, because it’s in Spanish. Had to use google translate a lot. But overall it’s a good achievement world. I found it very easy to kill the wither.
Does this map include Treasure Hunter? because i only need that achievement and then minecraft achievements are all done

Me: sees this

Also me, who've beaten all of the achievements: