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Published on June 08, 2017 (Updated on June 08, 2017)

World of Illusions [Creation]

This map features several amazing optical illusion creations which have the possibility to truly trick your mind in the most mind-blowing ways. Each of them look individually amazing but it's only as long as you stand looking at it directly from a specific position. If you like art and design then you definitely have to check it out.

Creator: Pastimeboy, Twitter Account

Here's a great showcase of an illusion. In the left image you can see it as it's supposed to look like and in the second you can see it from a different angle.

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Archery_Warrior12 April 03, 2022 at 3:38 pm
oh nevermind
Archery_Warrior12 April 03, 2022 at 3:38 pm
I'm confused on the first illusion because it says to find a chest, but I can't find one! How do I find a chest? Please give me a small hint!
Its so cool! Creator,can you make custom map?
Best map I've seen!
Hey guys, I know that many people can’t find the other illusions that is why here are the steps to find them:
1-collect the chest from the top edge of the White House
2-take all the pressure plates from the chest
3-keep the pressure plate on the red stone lamp that is just next to the stairs and the spawning point
4-press the pressure plate and … KABOOM. You are teleported.
5-all different color of wool will teleport you to the illusions
6-after you have checked all there is a bonus room,enter that and then…
7-get the minecarts from one chest and then GFI (GO FOR IT)!
For those who need help on this map here is how to see the other Illusions:

1. On top of spawn is a chest
2. Use the pressure plate on the redstone lamp
3. Color wool will show illusions
4. Bounus is cool (Not going to spoil it!)

I hope I could help!

Also Pastimeboy, I suggest putting more instructions in this map because it is very confusing whe first entering the map.
Where is the first chest ??
Um...where's the chest? When I get to the sign it says "Find a chest!". But where's the chest? I searched everywhere.
Can't find the chest at the beginning
GG WOW GOODJOB MAKER you are good in this Mabye Whe Two Make a map? Me XboxLive is GewoonJoeyX byeee
Dumb map design ruins cool idea.

Before you can see these illusions, you are tasked with first "finding a chest" for some unknown reason. For the life of me, I couldn't find it after 10 minutes of trying. There was no other way to get to the actuall illusions, so I never got to see them.
Yeah that got me to , I did A video on it and I figured out how to get the illusions
Amazing !! About to upload a video on it soon my YouTube is :P
Nope It doesn't even give instructions I found the chest but now I don't know what to do