Published on September 05, 2021 (Updated on October 22, 2021)

World The Werewolfing 0.0.3

"World The Werewolfing" adds werewolfs to the world Minecraft. These creatures are aggressive towards all living creatures. But not everyone is so aggressiving to the living beings. There is a werewolfs breed that does not attack the player, and it is possible to earn his trust, feeding it with meat. Eachs werewolf breed is unique in its own way. Update 0.0.3.

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How can I join the werewolves
You should add
Palmyra wolves
They are essentially a subspecies of werewolves that have the smarts of a human with the body and hunger of a werewolf

Plus they are bipedal and quadrupedal
Search it up
It’s a really interesting story
estaria muy bien que el jugador en procimas actualizaciónes se puedan convertir en hombres lobos
Add-ons is very original and cool, Very suitable for thematic maps, i will use this add-on for my map (I will mention you there). The only drawback that I found, the description of the mod needs to be improved for clarity.
Addon seems pretty cool. But are you able to become a werewolf? Or do you just hunt them?
Overall, I really like this addon! Simple, yet attractive! As a Furry myself, I find these werewolves are great. I got lucky to gain 5 Timber Werewolves' trust and they becoming a great hunting pack.

Although these werewolves is just basically Minecraft Wolf, but with more health and twist, they do their job very well. Esp, they protected me when I about to get assaulted by Aggressive Werewolves.

1. Werewolves able to detect their prey from far away, making them a good hunter.
2. They are fast.
3. More health.

Even if they are great, they still got some shortcoming. Unlike Wolf who only attacks any target that player attacks or attacked player (unless it's Skeleton family. The dogs instantly chase them), they attacks all kind of mobs, including passive and neutral mobs. So, you really don't want to bring them with you when you try to gather mobs for your farm. (Totally my fault when I try to make cow ranch and I brought 3 Timber Werewolves with me for protection, they slaugthered all the cows that I have gathered instead, kek)

With current version where only one werewolf species can be tamed, it's good enough. I definitely want to see more and how this addon grows up. Maybe in near future, we might able to gain trust from Aggressive Werewolf? Who knows!

Anyway, great addon! 👍