Published on August 13, 2021

WorldExpansion [1.17]

WorldExpansion is a Minecraft Bedrock World Generation Addon that introduce new biomes and improving the old one without adding any blocks or items!With plenty of features, World Expansion target is to become one of the best World Generation for Minecraft Bedrock! 



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I want to try reduce the land in my already generated world because it is all land and the oceans eventually go bakc to land how do i stop this?
Sorry, beacuse i dont have discord app and i dont wanna download it(full storage) but i have a lot of suggestions......i wanna start first in your caption "improving the old one without adding any blocks or items" i just think🤔 WHAT IF you improve the trees....
Examples : BIRCH, skinny and more taller leaves than deafult
SPRUCE, more like pine trees
DARK OAK,just make it more taller the trunk and more wider the leaves like on the ebony tree more scary!!!

Maybe add also a new biomes like :
- Wetlands(plains)
- Drylands(between desert/forest or plains)
- old forests(more denser/ taller trees than usual forest)
- Amplified (huh! what is that dude?)lol

third, maybe this will be a good mixture to your new biome to make it more natural looking......
To your jungle mountain maybe add some andesite(maybe the grey one!idk)that would be a good mixture to the stone and cobblestone to look like a cracked stone

To your lush desert maybe add some gravel,granite, andesite and stone to the floor and also put some little rock formation for natural looking desert(its ok if not youre choice!)

This is my last suggestion and my best suggestion that is super duper good to your project is add the grass generator of java edition(more grass than bedrock)im jealous( ・ั﹏・ั)that would be a good combination to your project.......promise

Also if you read my whole message then thanks to you you put an heavy effort to make me inspired by you.....thank you
Have a great day 😊😙
I agree with this dude except for the lush desert part, i think it looks good the way it is, adding too much will take away from the vanilla feel of the game
can i made it into modpack?
So if I add this addon and Baguette Creations addon, they'll work fine together?