Published on January 30, 2020 (Updated on June 30, 2020)

Worldmaker736's Texture Tweaks (Discontinued)

Have you ever wanted to tweak the textures in Minecraft? Well why not! some of the textures in Minecraft are bland or just the same. For example tools. Why can't we have better looking diamond tools or better looking gold tools? Its all the same. your wooden pickaxe is pretty much the same texture as your diamond one! In this pack all of the tools are changed! (except the iron ones) also in this pack

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Discontinued, Will be working on a new texture pack soon!


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Hello. I really like the textures of this pack and would love to use them, but I currently can't get them to work. It keeps giving me an error whenever I try to put the .mcpack into my Minecraft.

Any way to fix it? Maybe the link isn't updated? Currently can't figure out the solution to installing it without it giving me the error screen in the game.
ok it seems like the link isn't working i'll try to fix it very soon.
I love this pack
Doesn't work xd xd xd
Wait... It worked, but it said "failed too download, not a valid zip archive"
ok i'll fix the link
I download the link and it says "can't open file, please help
this is definetley copied, i have seen the same textures before, he only changed a few to prevent suspicion, i think the original is "jelly's tool tweaks"
im not sure which textures i "copied" could you tell me which one i copied?
Butterfly Seraphim March 20, 2020 at 8:51 pm
Pls make the Pack compatible with 1.15 and 1.16
Also fix the zip file i won't work.
It doesn't work for me to download
How do you create texture packs? And how do you create the link for them?
go to you can download a sample pack from there
How did you create the texture?
too much unnecessary files in this pack
I know. but I find it easier to modify textures if I have all the files I'm planning on removing the non texture files in the next update.
How do i use this on bedrock
It looks like a 5 stars pack though
what do you mean? do you mean the .zip files? I know they can be kinda confusing. this might help
This looks like a cool thing to put in the bottom of my 42 resource packs
Make chickens look like hens, Make all cows type look like Hostein Cows Make, Make pigs look better, Make Sheeps Skin Is black in colour, Make wolve look like grey wolve, make foxes's eyes look better, Make Zombies look like walkers, Make husks look like mummies and make drowneds look like undead pirates
These are all excellent ideas! What doo you mean by "make the pig look better" do you want mud or something?