Published on August 01, 2020 (Updated on December 28, 2020)

Worm's Nether Skyblock v2

This is basically a bedrock version of Protosky's Extreme Nether Skyblock. There are a few changes to work better on bedrock, as well as allow for access to more items.

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Brand new map seed. All dimensions are now 5k x 5k.

Starting Island in Nether is now smaller (as netherrack is actually renewable in bedrock)

Starting biome is now Nether Wastes, with Crimson Forrest very close. (This makes initial progression of mob spawns simpler)

End dimension is improved. Void, except Chorus Trees, Shulkers, and Elytras.

MCPEDL description updated with new images, and information. Including steps to take for various survival progression.

Bartering addon and WBIT addons are now not included.


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Do you think you could make the map bigger ? Something like 10k ? Thanks ^^
Some suggestions what you could add to the behavior pack:
Wandering trader trades:
1. sweet berries
2. tall flowers
3. Mycelium (raplacing podzol trade)
4. Clay (it is renewable in Java but not in Bedrock)
Crafting recipes:
1. Notch apple (1 apple+8 gold blocks)
2. cobweb (9 string)

I noticed a little mistake in the progression guide:
You used the word stem instead of fungus.
Also I would not recommend making a fox farm to get emeralds because in bedrock, vindicators can spawn in pillager patrols which is a much easier source of emeralds.

You probably noticed that I comment quite a lot on this map. That is because this is actually the best skyblock map I have ever seen on Mcpedl :)
Can you add a direct download or google drive link? Mediafire is extremely slow.
v2 google drive DL
Gast keep spawning and breaking my nether rack
I don't believe they spawn in the crimson forest biome, which is where you'll want to start a piglin farm. Check the link to chunkbase to see where the biomes are. x-0, z-16 to x-16, z-32 is the start of the crimson forest biome, and close enough to build to with the starting tree.
Ghasts are bugged and have a hydra effect. This is a 1.16 bug. Ghasts spawn anywhere, and when 1 dies, 2 more spawn nearby. Not your fault, this is just a vanilla bug.
When will you update? It's been over a month now.
Update is submitted, awaiting approval. Sorry it took forever to get back to it.
people speedy why
What do you mean?
It was created as an infinite world. Changed to flat void afterwards, so that it wont generate terrain past the amount I removed (4k in each direction in the Overworld).
The structures were created, then removed along with all other blocks. Using command /locate will show where the structures were.

I will look at the end issues.
I found some issues with this map:
1.This is a flat world and not an infinite world, so non of the structures in the overworld are present
2.If you die in the end and go in the end again it will generate an endstone platform
3.There are no shulkers in the end cities
Version 2 submitted.
1. No actual structures exist. (Besides end portal frames). The world still knows where the structures were though. For example, to spawn Blaze you need to be where a nether fortress was.
2. Should be fixed. Though end stone seems to generate when going through end gateways. I don't count this as an issue either way, as it is the only way to obtain end stone.
3. Fixed. Skulkers are now correctly in the end cities. (Though the cities are gone). Shulkers did end up turning black during the conversion process.
4. (From another comment) Elytras are now fixed as well. Floating on their item frames in the end cities.
Some suggestions:
1.Piglins should give you ancient debris instead of netherite scraps
2.Nether wart should be a rare piglin trade
I will add nether wart to next update.
Thought about this, those are actually the only 2 changes that should be made from the base bedrock trades.

Version 2 (PiglinBarterNSB) only includes Accident Debris (x1, most rare), and Netherwart (2-4, same chance as Ender Pearls)
I also have a question:
Are there shulkers and elytras in the end?
I thought so, but someone else is saying there isn't. I will check on that and try to fix it if not.
Spawn rate seems pretty slow. Let me know if there's something I can do to improve it.