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Published on September 26, 2015 (Updated on September 26, 2015)

Wrestling Arena [Creation]

This map is a wrestling arena built (or most likey ported) in a flat world. In the center of the arena is the wrestling ring, premium chairs and a scene. Surrounding the center are stands where the audience can look at the wrestling match from a bit further way. It looks quite realistic and reminds a lot about the TD Garden and the WWE Raw Arena.

Ported by: CoolyAngelYT

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I get the world without soil and I can't move
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I wrestle. That is not what wrestling mat looks like and WWE is all fake. there aren't rules in WWE!
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What wrestler are you then?
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cool, no one cares tough guy. this dude put a lot of effort into this map so stop trying to sound like you know everything, clown.
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Goes so good with my addon! thx
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I have a herobrine and notch addon, they fight by default, so this map goes so good with it! thx so much
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