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Published on November 11, 2018 (Updated on November 11, 2018)

WWI PvP Map [Custom Terrain] [PvP]

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wow its sooo fun
Your map used to be a loading screen for Actual Guns Add-on. Hold this W with honour.
I will turn of resources pack add-on
Because mcpe glitch when I touch gun
Realistic all ui hide what is that? I didn't know :\
This map is awsome!
Set it somewhere in Nanjing also there is a ww2 Addon that you can add
Whoops, sorry I sent that twice lol
I love this map! Honestly, I don't really like war stuff, but I loved playing on this map because I learned a little on what it was like in World War 1. Your buildings are so cool and you are truly creative! Thank you!
I love this map! Honestly, I'm not really into war stuff but this map was fun to play on because I learned a little on what is was like in World War 1. Thank you!
I am done with the extended version of this map. I will be uploading it soon. Sorry for the wait. I have been building only off and on.
Please soon release Japanese front what sides will there be what your working on
Nice pls add more soldiers for both sides
Amazing had a lot of fun with this map keep it up!!
Plz make a ww2 where there is planes tanks helicopters and you can use scopes for every weapon
Make a ww1 russian front map