X-Ray Texture Pack

If you ever thought, its hard to find those diamonds or caves, or you are playing on a Server but can‘t find any Bases? Well, use X-Ray. You can change the Way it works very easy.


To get it working, Install the Pack (seen in the Installation Guide at the Bottom) and then click the little gear for the Texture Pack options.

Now you can Change the Type of X-Ray using the Slider. There are 16 different Variations right now, maybe ill add more in the Future;


X-Ray is not Importing (iOS)

Watch the Tutorial Video

X-Ray doesn’t work (All Platforms)

Sometimes, you have to restart your Game for X-Ray to Work properly.

Made by d6b

©2020. All Rights Reserved.


– use at your own risk; on some servers, using xray is punishable.

– i do not take Responsibility for any punishments occuring due to illegal use of this or any X-Ray packs

If you have any Suggestions or Ideas to improve this or any of my other Packs, Feel free to Submit them in the Comments or Contact me on Discord 🙂

Changelog View more
  • Added Testing Netherite Option - Work in Progress, will be finished when 1.16 gets officially availabe
  • Added Troubleshooting for the most Common Issues a lot of People seem to have.
  • Added Download Links for better Compatibility with Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Console 
  • Updated Featured Image (Finally)
  • Added YouTube Installation & Activation Tutorial/Guide
  • Updated Description
  • Updated Pack Design
  • Added new Emerald X-Ray Variant

- Fixed Broken Download Link

- Changed Design

- Added X-Ray for Spawners

• Updated Description, Better Grammar, Added Warnings

• Added Installation Guide for Easier Installation

Mediafire Download Link has hopefully been fixed (If Not, Tell me in the Comments)

  • Added 6 more Options to X-Ray for Diamonds and other Ores only


Installation Guide:

• Download the Xray Pack using one of the Links

• Open in Minecraft (if this does not work, click on „Share“, „Save to files“, then go to My iPad/My Device/Minecraft/games/com.mojang/resource_packs and click on „Save“)

• Now, when youre in Minecraft, go to your Resouce Packs, click on the Pack, click „Activate“, Select the Way you want it to work and youre Done!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta) RTX Beta

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

329 Responses

3.81 / 5 (156 votes)
  1. Guest-6298660440 says:


  2. Guest-6028953674 says:

    Hi, I’m not Dreams. This is awesome! This is the best pack I’ve ever used so far. Continue to make packs like this, you will become a successful person one day

  3. Guest-6137682021 says:

    sort of easy use but is hard to use on servers and constantly has the xray on unless deactivating it please fix this because no matter how many times I relog it will keep same xray on even on disabled mode and another problem I ran past on download is I had to extract the files for the texture pack to download properly. p.s I’m on windows 10.

  4. Farfadox says:

    hey your X-Ray is fabulous and incredible I could give it so many good adjectives that I literally love it and at least the diamonds and the other ores (although I only put it for diamonds, lapis lazuli and redstone) ok as I said at least diamonds and the other minerals are not wallpapers your x-ray is incredibly good. Even though it has a very small flaw, which is that night vision is not there, but for that there are other texture packs, even if it fails a little in the selection of what you can see, but that does not make it horrible, here I will leave you my 5 stars, you are incredible.

  5. Guest-2483932594 says:

    why i cant see lava and water

  6. Guest-3299863179 says:

    Can nobody use media fire anymore? is awful

  7. Guest-9623164402 says:

    How can I even use this on a server like how do you activate it on servers or realms

  8. Guest-8975041161 says:

    Works okay… But I got caught playing on a server LOL … Hacked clients work better for servers ;)… Admin still hasn’t caught me…

  9. Guest-6789389086 says:

    Nice pack, downloaded perfectly, but when it is activated, like I have a really large mine in my world and I wanted to troll my friends, but everything just goes dark and you can’t navigate or make out any of the blocks…

  10. Guest-1990882495 says:

    erm i can use this pack but when in the world, i can only see water and lava (it just show normal) …. i had put the setting to coal… in the game it just show the black block on it… i have to dig down and clear the block beside the ores in order to see the ores correctly.. why this thing happen?

  11. Guest-8360104713 says:

    Can you make it find emeralds please d6b.
    And thx

  12. Guest-2904968704 says:

    Hi Can you add an outliner I keep bumping into walls and sometimes Not find my way back until I disable the texture pack.

  13. Guest-6959954165 says:

    can i mkae it so the only thing invisable is stone?

  14. Guest-8165533415 says:

    can u add netherite pls

  15. Guest-4107360521 says:

    Hello Creator.. I used the last one with x-ray mobs and chest and or other related thru that last choices I think before yo go off.

    Well I having an error where when I go have skeleton xp farm like about just five skeleton only the minecraft then crashes thru this x-ray. i mean the crash is when using this and hit those skeleton then it drops fps about 0 then crashed related point.
    So I think it’s because of this x-ray design of last.. I just go this since sometimes I go adventure and find some chest hidden and fount out it was spawner and many skeleton their then fight just one or hit one it becomes lagging then crash.
    I only tested this on skeleton but other not yet seems like their is some skin relating thou. IDK

    • Guest-9433849337 says:

      Also the Items wont x-ray… I mean the dropped item it wont show.
      I mean for example I drop wheat somewhere else and try to look at block it wont show.
      Or did I read it correctly? The mobs,Players, (Items), and most storage types.

      This last one is pretty useful when just not digging around mining but just adventure with some related chest and some mobs to see thru blocks miles away. ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ

      • d6b says:

        First of all, your Game is crashing either because you are running it on a slightly slower device or because you have some type of other Texture Pack/Shader installed that is interfering with the X-Ray. Second of all, you can only see most types of Storages as Items through Walls. it does not work with other Items.

        • Guest-8944267285 says:

          Hi can u add an outline on the blocks so i can see where im going and can u make a mode that i can xray for all the ores pls thank you 🙂

        • Guest-9813647745 says:

          Ok but I dont have shader but has night vision txpack seems it does affect night vision.

  16. Guest-9606868100 says:

    . I have a question. I downloaded the pack, and it is in Minecraft. The problem is ,is that no matter the setting I put it on I can not turn on the pack. It is activated and everything, but it will just not work.

  17. Guest-1704657165 says:

    Can you make the blocks see through, but put an outline indicating which block it is? Like for a dirt block it would have an outline of a dirt block but the inside of the block is clear.

  18. Guest-6309039478 says:

    what do you mean its against the law to use on a server well im not useing it on my server then

    • d6b says:

      That means that you might get banned on a Server for using it and yes, if you don’t want that, don‘t use it on a Server

  19. Guest-5394715492 says:

    The link isn’t working

  20. Guest-3426037149 says:

    the link is broken. It keeps sending me to “simcast” and doesn’t work. can you please change the link or give a direct link?

  21. Sprintt1 says:

    Can you make the blocks you’re searching for visible through blocks instead of other blocks invisible.

  22. Sprintt1 says:

    Please do so you can activate in game so you don’t have to leave the game to turn it off

  23. existMan says:

    you should add a netherite x-ray.

  24. Guest-2223467811 says:

    It does not work. Download keeps taking me to simucast over and over again.

  25. Guest-2664767423 says:

    I rate this a 5 star because i can have unlimited stuff 👍

  26. Guest-5251602081 says:

    No matter what setting I use, the only ore that it will show is emeralds. Windows 10. You have a fix for me? Thx 🙂

  27. Guest-8792259430 says:

    how to get night vision ?

  28. Guest-9931797572 says:

    I’m on iOS but no matter what I do it just says I need to download a VPN it’s very annoying.😕

    Otherwise it looks very cool. So otherwise 5/5 stars

  29. Anonymous says:

    Works great! For those that can’t download, press skip ad multiple times to get the link, and use the gear icon inside of Minecraft to adjust how it works.

  30. Guest-2289043086 says:

    No matter what I do it won’t download. Even when I repeatedly closed tabs. Can I get a direct link?

    • Guest-3256592270 says:

      You must wait 15 to 30 second
      Then it redirect

      I kinda hate it

    • Guest-3569345041 says:

      No matter what setting I use, the only ore that it will show is emeralds. Windows 10. You have a fix for me? Thx 🙂

      • Guest-5792638169 says:

        If you remove it from global resources then exit minecraft, then go back on and re apply it and drag the slider where you want it. It fixed itself for me that way.

  31. Guest-7886850113 says:

    Can you add a outline to the stone please, coz i am stuck in the dark.

  32. Guest-8877180644 says:

    Anyone have a mediafire link? I closed the ads that pop up and I click “skip ad” again and it repeats the process, I can’t get to the download. Please help

  33. Guest-1041531064 says:

    This is great but maybe add some type of item or something to turn it off so you can see where you are in caves.

  34. Guest-7258537274 says:

    I install the pack and I don’t see anything changing

  35. Guest-1883713543 says:

    I play minecraft on windows 10. So when i downloaded it everything was working but when i activated it and put it to the setting i wanted nothing changed???

  36. Guest-3612250738 says:

    could you add outlines on blocks so i know what block im mining (sorry for bad english)

  37. Guest-4995362787 says:

    I currently have an issue. I can not find the slider gear thing. Can you aid me? I’m on IOS at the latest version.

  38. Guest-7313216586 says:


  39. d6b says:

    For IOS users: download the App „Documents“, when you got the download, go to „Import to“ then press „Documents“ and wait for it to be done. Now you open documents and it should say „X-RayByd6b.mcpack saved to files“. Now you scroll down until you find the pack. Then you click on the „•••“ Symbol in the bottom right of the icon and click on the green Symbol that has an arrow pointing upwards. Then you click on the Minecraft icon that should pop up and now it should work.

  40. Guest-7871478193 says:

    Hi, can you give me the direct link for the download? I use minecraft education. And I can’t go through mediafire nor adfly so can you please give me the direct link.

  41. Guest-3102625451 says:

    Won’t download, no matter what.

  42. Guest-2305035204 says:

    This is amazing took awhile to figure it out but really just follow the steps posted and don’t forget to go to the gear button to activate it also you have to exit out of Minecraft and open it up again to get it working hope this helps for everyone because this really is amazing.

  43. Guest-9004599063 says:

    where do I go to turn it on?

  44. Guest-6359179528 says:

    this is hard to set up

  45. Guest-6815986437 says:

    It won’t let me download it it says there’s a error please help

  46. Smash1369Alex says:

    VERY USEFULL PACK and still working in (latest beta, i think) but there a problem in the second variant (the entities through block) for some reason the entities doesnt show if they are behind any kind of leafs, fix that please

  47. Guest-8291296123 says:

    Bro I loved your content. Don’t worry, I only use it in my own world. I was running low on iron and diamonds

    • Kirby420 says:

      How are you running low on iron (also diamonds). I usually have 13 iron blocks in my chests because it is so common. I also have about 13 extra diamonds.

  48. Guest-9399491966 says:

    Wich is for see all ores? I just can see the spawners, help me please :’c

    • d6b says:

      Put the Slider to „X-Ray for“ and what ore you want to find, for example „X-Ray for Diamonds“ or put the slider to one of the „Overworld“ Configurations. Then you will see all ores & Spawners

  49. Guest-2430684425 says:

    Can you add outlines to the blocks so I can see where blocks are

  50. Guest-4043826253 says:

    can u make the same xray again but we can also see spawners throught every block?

  51. Guest-8220999695 says:

    Its not working in version

  52. Guest-2063170472 says:

    i only see the ores black

    • AquaGaming says:

      That is because of the lighting. if you get close to an ore it will be lighter and you will be able to see it. Or you can have night vision and see them all from far, which is what I am doing. I can even see diamonds from the surface with night vision! Also, Creator, this was REALLY good!! It helped me find some stuff. And still even though it is hard, I can still make stairs when mining, but I think it would be a bit easier if there were at least outlines, so it can be a bit easier. But still, this is great!! And keep up the good work

      • d6b says:

        Correct and Thank you 🙂

        • Guest-4867268029 says:

          Then how do the mod work because I try to use it fro more than an our and it didn’t work, can you please tell me how to use it because I downloaded already but I don’t know hot to use it… Please respond :3

  53. Guest-1808270803 says:

    Is there any way to set up the x ray to make it start working?

  54. Guest-7503749256 says:

    Nice concept but unable to import.

  55. Guest-2554401240 says:

    hey d6b, i have a serious question. a while ago, you made the moremobs function. i like it a lot by the way, and wanted to ask you something. you seem very talented with commands, and i am heavily inspired by you to become a command mapmaker. so how do you make it to where you give the zombie miner an item without giving every zombie on the map that item? ive been trying to solve that for years, but i can’t get it right. it would mean the world to me if you helped me here. i promise i will give you credit for inspiring me to do commands in my maps. i want to make it so that i can summon a vindicator with a sword and an iron hemet, but when i do, it gives all vindicators iron helmets and swords. i want to make it to where it only gives it to that one vindicator. i would make more than this, obviously, but could you per chance teach me how to do that?

    • Guest-9634848113 says:

      also, How do you get the mage to summon things and use lightning? as well as make him minions leave fire trails? how do you use particles? sorry for many questions, just reaaly want to be a map maker because im good at building and i like making maps, but not good with commads.

      • d6b says:

        Hey, id like to help you here: To give only one Entity an Item, you can run the same command, but with a set Radius. You do that by adding a „r=Radius“ in the Brackets, and for Radius, set the Radius in Blocks around you. For example, „/give @e[type=zombie,r=10] iron_pickaxe“ will give every Zombie in a 10 Block Radius around you an Iron Pickaxe. You can also do a minimum Radius around you, you do that by adding an „rm=MinimumRadius“ and for MinimumRadius, type your Minimum Radius, and when you combine these two, you can give every entity that is at least MinimumRadius and at max Radius Blocks away from you, for example, „/give @e[type=zombie,r=10,rm=5] iron_pickaxe“ will give an iron pickaxe to only those of them that are at least 5 Blocks away, but wont give an Iron pick to those that are more than 10 Blocks away. I Hope this Was Helpful. 🙂

    • Guest-5845450215 says:

      Ok so you need to buy iZip if you’re on android then there’s nothing I can do.Any way so you’ll need to buy IZip ok.Now we need to download it ok,next we need to Download it and then go into iZip and go into document browser and select
      X-ray or what ever mod ok . Now if it is a zip and unzip it but some mods can’t work like that.Ok so now just select the mod you want and press open on the bottom left hand corner and it Will say minecraft notes AirDrop and more ok now press minecraft and have Minecraft closed and after that relaunch the game Oh BTW yeah adjust it to where you want and check if it’s working or not if it’s not working then just close the game and then go back to the game and then you’re done!

  56. Guest-4105368202 says:

    Can’t get this to work, Windows Edition version 1.14.30.
    I’ve downloaded and imported the texture pack ok. Selected it, and changed the options with the cog wheel. Activated and it doesn’t look any different.

  57. KShaiban13 says:

    Super Good. Totally works. Thanks dude. YOu made my day

  58. Guest-1778226043 says:

    For anyone having issues: the direct download seems bugged, try the mediafire download instead

  59. Guest-6183506078 says:

    It’s a really good x-ray pack. But I would suggest fixing the fact that sometimes I can’t see stone blocks around me, which irritates me because then I sometimes get stuck in a hole and can’t get out. For now I have uninstalled until it gets better but over all it’s pretty cool

  60. Guest-1833706690 says:

    Perfect! Anyone need a guide how to download it? (Mediafire)
    1: Click on Mediafire link
    2: Click download and then click download (On the bottom) once again
    3: Once it is done, open the “Files” app
    4: Click on the xray file
    5: It is imported to Minecraft

  61. Guest-4910900529 says:

    When I load it, everything’s right I choose my setting (smooth lighting is off) but when I load the game it still has the blocks. The ores aren’t shown

    • Guest-6676663528 says:

      Same, I’m still giving it 4 stars because he definitely put good effort in this and I think just something might be bugged.

      • Guest-9135395288 says:

        Just make your own work with it activated in the resource pack, make sure you have it also in global resources, leave the world and join any server/realm/world and it should work.

  62. Guest-4461896560 says:

    Why can’t i change which mode while in-game?

    • Guest-3121291509 says:

      i am not the maker but i do know, you cant change texture packs either and modes are kinda different texture packs it is just a bedrock edition thing.

  63. Guest-8610830944 says:

    I’m having trouble importing the pack to my game

  64. Guest-5050127008 says:

    Go to global resources and click on x ray resource pack and press setting button and then select which type of x ray u wont and now enjoy the game.

  65. Guest-5865020244 says:

    Really good

  66. Guest-7450630580 says:

    The Addon is great but where is the setting for emeralds?

  67. Guest-2191739034 says:

    I doesnt work i have it activated and evrything in 1.14.3 but no x ray any body know why

    • Guest-3720911103 says:

      Go to th main page. Go down to resource pack and click it. There should be a little setting button there. Click it and choose your setting. It took me awhile to get it. Make sure before you do this, you select edit on your map and deselect the pack.

  68. Guest-8135889515 says:

    Hi is there a wat of contacting you??

  69. Guest-7915858145 says:

    MediaFire isn’t working?????

  70. Guest-3163194957 says:

    Hi, over all my minecraft experienced i have tried many xray mods/texture packs, I discovered this one was the best one yet! It lets me pick from only seeing diamond ore to only iron to ect. So this was nice it works best with night vision.

  71. Guest-9886005471 says:

    Really like it but could you add an outline

  72. Guest-1964584169 says:

    Can you at least put an outline around the blocks because i cant see whats in front of me

  73. Guest-4908819352 says:

    My isn’t doing nothing I try to change which mode it is on and nothing

  74. Guest-2251830998 says:

    Where do i go to turn on the xray on pc

  75. Guest-8808293013 says:

    i try to stop it but the blocks are still invisible … please help me

  76. Guest-1478955131 says:

    Please update to 1.16 and add netherite option

  77. Guest-9745382084 says:

    It’s great love the option that you can choose between on what type of X-ray you want but can you put an outline on the invisible blocks please

  78. Guest-6826540921 says:

    The best X ray. I like the fact that u can choose which ore u wanna X ray. But can u add outlines?

  79. Guest-4621446850 says:

    Works great! It would be better if it had an outline around blocks so you don’t fall down holes and get stuck and stuff like that.

  80. Guest-6416388939 says:

    Would you add an outline? A block is totally invisible and I wouldn’t know where am I digging. Thanks!

  81. Guest-2927071418 says:

    Gear icon no longer shows up on ios version 1.14.3.

  82. Guest-3034982650 says:

    Ty m8, worket good

  83. Guest-7885606364 says:

  84. Guest-4154807441 says:

    I cant find where to download the pack

  85. Guest-3726095322 says:

    You nailed it, works perfectly fine but you should add a shortcut to change what you are looking for.

  86. User-3262873245 says:

    just today it started to not work again for some reason.. is there a way you can fix it ?

  87. Dale says:

    Easy to use and download. I got confused where all the blocks were so mabe put a slight block outline/border on all of them so you know where the stone and stuff is. All together great.

  88. ItzSuger1160 says:

    How to download it

  89. Ángel says:

    Me descarga un pack de texturas diferente

  90. Camilogamer_29 says:

    Me gustaría que hubiera una opción para encontrar solo lava porque necesito lava en un mundo que tengo en antigüo

  91. Rowan says:

    it was very easy to download on windows 10 thanks for this texxture psck ive been looking for one everywhere

  92. james says:

    is there anyway to change the setting while in a game without leaving

  93. Anonymous says:

    No me funciona no se
    Podría explicar bien cómo utilizarlo?

  94. Anonymous says:

    How to activate and deactivate it

  95. Samsa says:

    I have a suggestion all blocks are invisible (except ones i look for) my suggestion is to keep an outline for them to make it easer to move around

  96. Pooop face how gg says:

    Hi good xray

  97. Zedy says:

    Can u add dispensers X-ray?

  98. Kamel says:

    I can’t see diamonds why


    Even after deleting the pack every block is still invisible

  100. Dystrom says:

    i cant add it on any world and it doesnt work on settings global resources, it appears but i cant add it

  101. Anonymous says:

    I cant download it

  102. vnoxzvn says:

    Can u help me…
    Night vision doesnt work

  103. Beat the game under 5 hours once says:

    does it work with iOS 13.3 and 1.15 and if not can you direct me to one that does? I’m trying to find a really good speed running seed so me and my buds can try to speed run it but it’s hard to find an X-ray that isn’t probably a virus.

  104. someone says:

    the night vision bit doesnt work for some odd reason

  105. Kiran Thomlinson says:

    I figured out how to make it work respond to the comment if you want to know how.

    So it rly good I got like a stack of diamonds in like 5mins

  106. Anonymous says:

    it does not work I log in to the world with the pack on and it looks normal.

  107. Bruv says:

    I used this for testing and it works! 1 BIG problem is I can’t load onto the world anymore b/c is kept crashing my game.

  108. Vibes says:

    Works perfect for xbox

  109. Temmie says:

    Idk how to download it k. On ios and minecraft doesnt pop up when i press download and when i press save to files i press minecraft pe and what folder would i save it on?

  110. Temmie says:

    What file pack is it im on ios

  111. Liam Cowan says:

    I found myself having technical difficulties with applying this resource pack.

    Both the Mediafire and Direct links both worked and downloaded the pack perfectly. I own an apple device running on iOS 13.1.3, so the newly downloaded pack went to the files app. When I clicked on the resource pack it sent me to Minecraft where a notification popped up that it was installing the resource pack. This is when the problem arose. Seconds later, I received a notification that the pack had failed the download due to several errors. I clicked on this notification and it told me that the file was missing the following:
    I tried reinstalling this pack multiple time but all with the same exact outcome. I was hoping that you were able to spot something I had done wrong in the process. I am not new to downloading resource packs from, and I have rarely encountered this problem before.
    I thank you in advance for your help, I look forward to using this on my realm.

    • d6b says:

      For the current Version of iOS (I have the Same), it does not work for some reason. In the last version, you could still do it through documents, but now even that does not work. I dont know why :/

  112. Joe M. says:

    It works thx u!

  113. Deathly says:

    I got banned on a server

  114. José Antini says:

    Help!!! Minecraft says error, HELPPP

  115. Charly says:

    i need night vision to see the ores :{{{{{

  116. Max says:

    Booth links don’t work please help

  117. Skia says:

    It still isnt working? Im confused!

  118. Scalebore says:

    How does it work pls helpp !

  119. Everyday SpaceX says:

    So I go to the options for the texture pack. I dont see the icon…

    • PunctualBroom51 says:

      You have to click on the pack and activate it and then click on it again. I did that but it still doesn’t work for me.

  120. CaldeiraA says:

    is there a non zip file plz?

  121. Astolfo says:

    Where is the button for using the x ray?

  122. Necronz says:

    Can you make a outline per block? That would be helpfull

  123. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much for leaving a mediafire link. my pc is kinda slow and its hard to work with these payed redirects… thanks again. makes it so much easyer on me and dont have to be frusturated

  124. WrathOfBrad says:

    I love the pack but one feature to set all X-ray apart would be a colored outline matching the block it’s ouTlining

  125. Juju says:

    How do i put it on there is no button

  126. Zac says:

    Link doesn’t work

  127. Malcolm says:

    How do I get to the log

  128. Anonym says:

    Is this a virus?

  129. Joe Mama says:

    installed on xbox got it onto the game is there any way of actually using it on the xbox?

  130. Rain says:

    I have a update suggestion can you add night vision on the ore xrays please

  131. Anonymous says:

    It doesnt have night visión 🙁

  132. Anonymous says:

    No tiene night visión :c

  133. OO says:

    This is a very great texture pack. Can’t you just let me see the mobs that I want?

  134. d6b says:

    For IOS users: download the App „Documents“, when you got the download, go to „Import to“ then press „Documents“ and wait for it to be done. Now you open documents and it should say „X-RayByd6b.mcpack saved to files“. Now you scroll down until you find the pack. Then you click on the „•••“ Symbol in the bottom right of the icon and click on the green Symbol that has an arrow pointing upwards. Then you click on the Minecraft icon that should pop up and now it should work.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Everytime I’m done using the pack it leave my world invisible, anyway to fix that?

  136. Missingno says:

    Cant see lava . idk whats rong but the lava is invisible even if its the 13th slider its annoying pls fix it i keep dying plss

  137. Anonymous says:

    Can u fix for ios?It always says fails to import.

  138. Potato says:

    I cant download it

  139. bbe says:

    how did you activate the xray?

    • Gabs says:

      You go into “resource packs” before makeing/entering the world. “Resource packs can be found on the left of the screen, if you scroll to the bottom it should be the second to last one

  140. Some person says:

    I am an IOS user and every time I download this it always says it fails to import. Is there anyway to fix this?

    • Cyril says:

      Same for me , I don’t know what to do

    • Meh says:

      Same it’s really annoying I just wanna find some diamonds

    • Anonymous says:

      Add it into game files through the Files app

    • Anonymous says:

      It did the same for me, just check the global resources in the settings to see if it’s there

    • d6b says:

      For IOS users: download the App „Documents“, when you got the download, go to „Import to“ then press „Documents“ and wait for it to be done. Now you open documents and it should say „X-RayByd6b.mcpack saved to files“. Now you scroll down until you find the pack. Then you click on the „•••“ Symbol in the bottom right of the icon and click on the green Symbol that has an arrow pointing upwards. Then you click on the Minecraft icon that should pop up and now it should work.

    • Guest-8547884955 says:

      Me too. 🙁 And usually it brings it to the thing that looks like a piece of paper in the old version but the new version brings it to files and doesn’t even work.

  141. Billy reed says:


  142. Anonymous says:

    Can i use it on realms??

  143. Anonymous says:

    Very epic

  144. castAlexXD says:


  145. WishLOLZ says:

    Great but can you make the stone have outlines?

  146. The Enderman Animations says:

    ITS SO COOL Can u put outlines to the blocks PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  147. Anonymous says:

    Mediafile doesn’t exist pls fix or cant download

  148. Anonymous says:

    The links ain’t working pls fix so I can download

  149. Come ON noww says:

    Not working on windows 10

  150. Braeden says:

    plz plz plz fix the media fire link

  151. SnowGolem says:

    I make this too…
    I’m not copying you.

  152. Dunno says:

    Media fire link does not work can you please fix it

  153. Prys says:

    Can you make it so the blocks are outlined that way we don’t get lost I’m on Xbox

  154. wevboy says:

    I love it you’re awesome 👏🏼

  155. Anonymous says:

    Mediafire Link is not working plz fix

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