Published on January 01, 2017 (Updated on January 01, 2017)

X-Ray Vision Resource Pack

Installation Guides

can you add like a glowing outline on the things that's visible through objects? that way people will know if an object is something thats behind a wall
Well the link is 100% working on me there is no problem for me just press the link and leave the and you'll be send to mediafire and just click Download and WALAA that's just simple that is what i do to get it
It just says import failed check output log for details
Is it possible to get this on the PS4 Edition of Minecraft?
When I click onto the media fire link and I press download and I go to Minecraft for some reason the mod pack doesn’t seem to appear and so I don’t know how to fix this can someone please help me. I think it is because the new media fire update has changed the downloading process. Someone please help.
For the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, you need to first double-click the file in your downloads folder. It will then open up Minecraft and begin importing the files. If the import is successful, go to setting and scroll down to Global Resources. Click on Global Resources and expand the My Packs section and find the pack and select activate.
You need to go into files, and open the pack first. You will then go into mc, and it will be imported!
I doubt this is monitored anymore but anyone know how to add villagers to list of entities that are visible?
new version
Hello! I cannot see chests in this, only mobs and spawners (which have not appeared with chests for some reason). Would you please edit your version?
Hello! added v2 x-tray for ores
Is it safe to download?
It is great resource pack, but can you make this for resources?
Water is broken, and if you could adjudt the ui to make the ores show through and fix the water, 5 stars
The pack isn't working right now. You can't see any blocks, you can only see the entities. Please fix this
Sorry, I cheated on a server I got 1st place out of 100 people anyways, thx
I will get it, but only if you add like a border around the block texture like leave on pixel on the outline so you can see if there is a block in front of you like in the one for PC.