Published on August 02, 2020 (Updated on May 14, 2021)

YamaRin Shader

This is the 1st shader pack that I created makes your world more realistic for low-end devices.

It hasn't received support for a long time, so I updated only a small fix with my latest skills.

Creator: YamaRin

Cubemap images by: Hybred


took on 1.14 (windows 10)

Differences from the default:

  • Shadows
  • Realistic clouds (cubemap)
  • Waving plants and water
  • Colored torch lights

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated the base code from 1.14.0 to 1.16.221.
  • Added an invisible clouds texture to hide vanilla blocky-clouds without your settings.
  • Made shadows more smooth.
  • Fixed that water is too dark.
  • Reduced the file size.
  • Improved compatibility with GLSL ES implementations where fragment shaders don't support.
  • Replace all use of TIME with TOTAL_REAL_WORLD_TIME


1. Click "Download YamaRin Shader!!!”

2. Download it from Mediafire

3. When the download is completed, tap/click on it

4. Wait for the import to complete and then..enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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4.55 / 5 (22 votes)
oh come on, this is a beautiful shader, pls upgrade it to 1.17.11
update to 1.17 please
I'm sorry i forgot to rate!
Please update make the shader a little bit brighter and fix the YamaRin Sharder yeah Sharder title in manifest and thats all please update thank you!
Although this pack is not for me as I like overly bright light in from the light sources, I definitely recommend checking it out because I really liked the look and how beautiful it is
Can you change the bright of the torches? It's too bright/white/yellow. Can you put an Orange color? It's perfect 9/10
Can you add player shadows please🙂🙂
Can you add water and light only?
Not shadow pls
i downloaded this shader but the only thing that work is the sky shown in the picture. The entire shader doesn't even work and only the sky given on the shader works.
Da leaves Are Bad I'm Lagging And Crashing is almost great and I like but Da leaves Is Kipling me. So.... 3stars
Looks great but can you update it so it works with the new RenderDragon version.
Just a quick question: What is the best brightness for this shader?
Hey Yama, Your shader is the best Mcpe shader I've came across, it fits perfectly and the lighting is such a huge improvement from the vanilla. Is it okay If I use this shader for my maps? I'll credit you.