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Published on September 03, 2014 (Updated on September 03, 2014)

youtube: Dusky Swamp Village in Water

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The swamp village seed is brilliant it does work and I found naturally spawning loafting grass
And i try it again and i see the village but not in the swamp biome maybe my MCPE is need to fix or maybe bug happen on it because we try to my friend mcpe it work and mine is not we are the same version of minecraft pe and we try everything but his only work not mine.
Doesn't work,i spawn in a flat grass landscape even i fallow the rule over 200-300 you even said that Diagonally left and oak tree's will be infront on it i found the swamp but no village only sheep and chicken that having a pool party on it i try to put my minecraft pe to update to v0.10.0 but like i said sheep and chicken is i saw maybe this seed will work at v0.9.0 or highier at 9.5
Weird.. it should work.