Published on January 14, 2022 (Updated on April 07, 2022)

Youtuber Trader V2 (Minecraft But Youtubers Trade Op Items) || More Youtubers Update

So hello every Minecraft player. welcome to creator creations. This is a addon which let you trade with your favorite youtubers. In this addon youtubers trade but not normal items they trade op items with only in just one emerald. More info is given below :-


Notice:- In this addon you have to turn Experimental Game Mode On or this addon not work properly



if you want to play this addon on social media so please give my my channel link and My name and also tag it with #Creator


So u want to know how many youtubers are there which you can trade well their is not one there are several youtubers which u can trade op items. let me show U :-

Techno Gamer(Ujjwal) (Trade:-Netherite Tools and Weapons) 


Gamer Fleet:-(Trade:-Arrows) 

    Live Insaan (Trade:-Water elevator items like:-soul soil, soul sand, magma block etc) 

 Rawknee:- (Trade:-Redstone items like :-Redstone, Redstone block, Piston etc) 

  Khatarnak Ishan(Trade:- Types of leaves) 

 Chapati gamer (Trade:- Food items like :- Cake, enchanted golden Apple etc) 

Andrew Bee (Trade:- Ingots) 

Bixu (Trade:-Op blocks) 

Youtuber Trader Version 2 Update

Now there are more youtubers in the update Youtuber Trader Addon V2 . Have a look:-

Loggy gamer (Trade:-food stuff like beetroot, bread etc.) 

Dream (Trade:-MLG Suff) 

Technoblade (Trade:-Music stuff) 

Mr.  Beast (Trade:-Avatar sword) 

Items:- Avatar sword

Health :-1


Note:-This is an epic sword which can one hit anyone but you can't craft it and it's health is very low use it carefully and enjoy

Note:- In This addon there is an God armor which gives you op health and power find that which youtuber is trading that and enjoy

Hint:- God armor looks like netherite but has more power. 

So here are all items and youtubers info so just download this addon and enjoy the adventure of trading and one more thing rate me five stars also because more amazing addon are coming soon :D



Note :- If you want to download This addon V2 so go to this Video description and download This addon V2



if you want to play this addon on social media so please give my my channel link and My name and also tag it with #Creator



Youtubers will spawn anywhere in the overworld and also there are baby version of their so download this addon and trade, trade and trade


Select version for changelog:


Youtuber Trader Version 2

Added more detailed information about this addon

Changed some description about this addon

Added important notices


Download :-

1- Choose either old or new and download their Resources and behaviors. 

2-Just click on that files and it will automatically open Minecraft


Difference between old and new

Old version has less youtubers but has no lag in low end devices but new version has more youtubers and stuff but has lag sometimes on low end devices. So choose according to your device. 

Request:- please don't copy paste the direct(media fire) link of this addon to anywhere else just download it from MCPEDL🙏Please

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

This a nice addon keep up the good work but can you add Craftee in the mod that trades Diamonds, Gold, Iron, and Netherite plss
Sorry bro but this job is for Andrewbee so I can't add anyone else btw thanks for your feedback :D
may I suggest adding the diamond minecart himself DanTDM. also this addon is awesome! keep up with the amazing work,looking forward to seeing what other youtubers you'll add in future updates.
sorry was meant to give 5 stars not 3, my bad lol , plus downloaded addon
Maybe you can add older style youtubers like Skydoesminecraft, popularmmos, gamingwithjen Ect.
Thanks for your feedback btw I will try to add older style Youtubers in upcoming updates :D
This addon don't just make you trade with youtuber but, also will make you feel like playing with youtuber. For example

Your fav YTBer: Techno Gamer

So the creator make this addon to give you trade with them like they was there.

Btw, I love It 😍😍😍
thanks for your feedback. please try my horror map (save me ) also and i am going to Create more awesome addons so wait for that :D