Published on November 29, 2020 (Updated on November 30, 2020)

Yuyella's Streaming Pack (Minimal Touch UI & Coordinates Hider)

A pack designed for streamers that makes the touch UI minimal and optionally hides the X and Z coordinate to prevent stream-sniping while playing on servers. As hiding the coordinates relies on a language pack, it will only work if you're using English (US) as your in-game language.

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  • Added image instructions on how to enable and disable coordinates.



  • YuyellaStreamingPack.mcpack

Supported Minecraft versions


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Hey what the hell? This looks like the "invisible touch controls" pack. Did you seriously copied it from that?
No, I did not copy anything from any pack. I looked at the pack you were talking about, and it looks like we had the same idea but different ways of achieving it. Mine leaves the arrow buttons and jump buttons still visible. The other pack removes it entirely.

Really cool!! Hope to use it on a video of mine on my channel. Cartoony Phantom!