Published on December 08, 2020 (Updated on December 28, 2021)

Z250GT Car

This Addon adds a new SUV that is the Z-250GT, This is the first suv of the F-MODS Z series the Z-250GT is one of the fastest and luxury SUVs it is almost as fast as the A500 of the A series.

 Now you can drive this car in cities or race tracks, with this car you can travel very fast anywhere

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This update improves the vehicle model, bug fixes, compatible with 1.17


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It says the link has been deleted even though I really want this addon D:
broo can u add a mcpack download and not linkvertise plz
the link was deletet!
I cannot see the cars in the creative inventory. I'm running Bedrock Server 1.16.200
Hello this Addon is compatible with the latest version, test deactivating and activating the texture pack