Zebra Shaders PE v2.0.20 | First & Last

Zebra Shaders is a realistic shaders pack that is made to be able to run on mobile low devices, with beautiful coloring and comfortable in sight. zebra shaders are very suitable for you to use when playing survival or creative.


This Is Shaders Only Support For Minecraft Mobile v1.14+

Screenshots :

Videos :

Features :

  • Colorful Tonemapping
  • Foggy Rain
  • Beautiful  Night Sky & Star
  • Clean Water 
  • Leaves move
  • Sun and moon

Supported Platforms :

  • Android
  • iOS (I Don’t know it’s work or not i don’t have iOS)

Tested On :

  • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Samsung Galaxy J2

Good Bye, Thanks for using Zerba Shaders

Changelog View more

Zebra Shaders V2.0.20

  • Fix bug invisible Shadow
  • Add water waving
  • Fix lag leaves waving
  • Fixing block slab that is dark
  • Fixing glowing water at night
  • Fixing laggy moving leaves

Fix Bug 

  • Fixing Door & Torch that moves
  • Fixing white dots in the dark


  • New Coloring Dusk
  • New tonemapping
  • Fix the dark grass block
  • Remove cubemap
  • Fix sun & moon bug


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)



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203 Responses

4.18 / 5 (79 votes)
  1. May5Flames says:

    Too many ads, it just blocks your pack on Linkvertise, reduce the tasks. we can’t even use your pack.


    So, it would’ve been good if I didn’t HAVE TO DO SO MUCH STEPS ON LINKVERTISE!!! Fix this and you will be 80% guaranteed to get a better rating.

  3. Godbro01 says:

    Nice shader but if your going to make a new update make the water clearer but I rate this 5 stars

  4. Desuka says:

    Why your league ia Indonesian are you Indonesian person?

  5. clutchbottle says:

    It’s like nobody read anymore, it literally say first and last update so stop asking for more

  6. Ender5643 says:

    Noooo this is the last update these shaders were my favorite!!! 😭😭

  7. TheShadowGod says:

    Nicer than any shader. Works on my pc tooo!

  8. Mohaidin_minecraft says:

    Can you add MOON PHASES to look the sky different and beautiful please! ?

  9. Edward0103 says:

    Bro this is nice but can u update this for the minecraft 1.16.100 (not beta)??

  10. Virtual TaTz says:

    We need a update, this is the perfect shader!!

  11. Perxeus says:


  12. LAgamer says:

    lol it worked on my laptop(windows 10 edition)

    • xXNava.NationXx says:

      WHAT?!?!? HOW?!?!?

      • PlaneInk2199242 says:

        maybe a mobile laucher or just a small laptop that confuses the game and changes to mobile minecraft bc mine it exported perfectly but it didnt do anything to my world

        • TheShadowGod says:

          lol minecraft win 10 is literally bedrock edition. so why wont it work on win 10 if it works on mobile. mcpe,mcwin10,mc playstation, mc xbox and mc nintendo are bedrock edition. It was released on 2017, and u still dont know this? Technically everything that works on one edition means it will work on the others except for some bugs.

          • Aan9999 says:

            There are new rendering system on windows 10 called render dragon, That’s why now Shader don’t work on windows 10 and only work on mobile(android/IOS)

          • Shirocraft says:

            well back before render dragon Bedrock on Mobile a.k.a mcpe uses GLSL Shaders
            while Windows 10 and Xbox uses HLSL and both codes cant interact with each others

  13. Xenophire says:

    Very beautiful! One of my favorite shaders to use so far and doesn’t cause problems with my other resource packs like many other shaders.

  14. this is the best shader but i have a suggestion… the sky in the day time is very empty i think its possible to add clouds in the day time and then dissappear when its night time…

  15. ItzMeDerks says:

    This is the best shader I have ever seen! I also love the aesthetics and the sky. I’m very thankful for the creator that created this shader.

  16. Wowzerd says:

    Such a great job! Worked on my phone!

  17. lincezito says:

    Plz, make a win10 version of this T>T

  18. bell723 says:

    These shaders are so good! I’ve been using them on all my worlds and severs and I havn’t run into any problems. My only complaint is the lack of clouds, it weirded me out at first but I eventually got used to it.

  19. GokuPureHearted H says:

    Hey nice shaders but it cancels out the night vision texture pack

  20. xDee says:

    Simple and beautiful. Thanks a lot. It’s running smooth on my MCPE 1.16.1 (original). Btw… I’m using Motorola G7 Power.

  21. Guest-5839139618 says:

    Please, fix the end illumination so dark

  22. Claire1593 says:

    This is a pretty cool shader, but the lanterns and other light sources are a bit too orange for me. (Also, I use iOS and it worked fine for me.)

  23. Guest-9834916212 says:

    Thanks for fixing the laggy water bug! I always wanted you to fix it and you did it! Because it’s really annoying, but thanks!

  24. Guest-2548973899 says:

    The Shaders are lit! But I discovered that sometimes at night, 2 moons appear.

    Btw can we have a version without the waving leaves? The waving leaves decrease the fps mostly when you try to look at it but besides I really love this shader! ❤

  25. At first. I thought this was a fake, but after I actually downloaded it, it was literally *as good* as the screenshots. I really like this shader, and I hope it continues to grow and get updated. Great work!

  26. Guest-1498041077 says:

    It seems that you removed the shadow of the whole tree

  27. Guest-2164734793 says:

    Does this work on windows 10 edition? it isn’t working for me, even though one of my friends who was in the world has windows 10 and it worked for them, and it worked for my friend on PE

  28. TheRubyRedLeviathan says:

    It doesn’t work for me it just said it failed oof

  29. Guest-7699710031 says:

    This looks so clean and pretty that I wish it was in java.

  30. Guest-2665158812 says:

    It looks very nice.

  31. Guest-9251991630 says:

    You really updated it!

  32. Guest-9942050191 says:

    Sorry for my question if it’s stupid. But will it work on win10?
    I don’t know why wouldn’t it work there since *I think* it’s the same engine, right?
    Anyways, looks beautiful on the screenshots, and I’ll try it out 😀

  33. ReyHazl says:

    Pake bahasa inggris goblok

  34. Guest-7429197404 says:

    Continue this shader my guy it’s so amazing

  35. Guest-8447816112 says:

    No. Don’t use either. They’re both awful

  36. Guest-2196498346 says:

    You do not give up this excellent shader.

  37. Guest-1815686441 says:

    the moving leaves kinda contribute to lag a bit would really like if the leaves don’t move maybe you could make a seperate pack for that?something more lightweight perhaps?everything else is very beautiful thou.

  38. Guest-5890386138 says:

    Support low end device gak bang,wkwkwk

    Hp gw kentang

  39. Guest-4711177223 says:

    The water moves so smooth I love it

  40. Guest-8776662933 says:

    It’s very beautiful but at night everything gets dark and I can barely see pls fix the night

  41. Guest-6879270242 says:

    My phone is Huawei y6 2018 so 🙁

  42. Guest-7950351001 says:

    Like! My Phone Honor 8c its Good work!

  43. Guest-5576103665 says:

    Please make the barrier blocks visible when the player is holding them in creative mode. I beg of you.

  44. Guest-1383193987 says:


  45. justmeRYAN26 says:

    I like the shaders , BUT i hate the moving water , when I make a waterfall , IT LOOKS WEIRD , maybe make another one WITHOUT MOVING WATER , that will do the BEST?

  46. Guest-3293599701 says:

    The shader is really wonderful in the day except the clouds,but terrible in the night that the entities are lack of shaders(too bright)and the water is also too bright in the night,which always makes me to use two or more shaders at the same time.You do please fix these terrible bugs.
    (But,I really wonder can you see my comment,dear creater?)

  47. Guest-4565928887 says:

    Is there a version where the water doesnt have an animation that would make this shader 100% better. If you think it looks fine make a water fall and look at it it looks very wierd

    • Guest-6729105974 says:

      please make night time and light sources brighter + make the light sources less orange because i have to use many torches to just make everything well lit

  48. Guest-3963819985 says:

    Just got a virus in my device thanks for giving such harmful link

  49. Guest-7827998470 says:

    this shaders is the best so far. It has everything that you could as for, but the moment i used it and it became night time, its so dark so probably the nether and the end would be so dim also. But i’ve seen this pack called night vision (and probably you know wjat that is) and my problem fixed. I used it as a cheat also xD

  50. bunz432 says:

    Good Shader working on lowend device but quite lagy if ay enter at jungle biome but the CHEST look normal and LIGHTNING dosent apear can you fix tha please.

  51. bunz432 says:

    This is working on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V?

  52. Guest-7311712931 says:

    Hey buddy, first of all I just wanna say that this shader is the best by far. Better than other shaders out there(MCPE related). I love it using it when I take screenings of my world and send it to my friends. I would love to have to it on but there are few issues, which I’m sure can be fixed! 1.) The nether is really really dark. 2.) Lanterns are too orangey. Maybe tone it down? 3.) water is pretty bright at night…. And lastly the light sources(torches and that) aren’t bright enough. If you could fix these issues then this would be the perfect shader for MCPE players!

  53. Guest-6807228144 says:

    I was amazed by this rcp but boi it’s so dark in the nether please fix this problem thank you

  54. Guest-5074243261 says:

    This is a great shader and I always use it but I have some few issues in the shader

    • The water color is a bit odd especially in the dark
    • The entities are not affected by the shader
    • Other blocks are also not affected by the shader (chest, signs, painting and especially the slabs)

  55. Guest-3178568708 says:



  56. Guest-4491142428 says:

    I can’t get past the short link. Please help.

  57. Guest-4182605910 says:

    Is there a way to disable the leaves waving animation?

  58. Guest-1277789053 says:

    Hi i love this Shaders Can You Change the water Make Clean Transparent Water and Active the Minecraft Cloud not Realistic Cloud 🙂

  59. Guest-7886189301 says:

    I tested in Samsung Galaxie S5, its work, just, change the water plz.

  60. Guest-5565520406 says:

    Hey can you add shadow player pls its cool!! Keep doing!

  61. Guest-8188405445 says:

    Pls change the water texture it look so bright even at night and doesnt moving. Every things els it absolut amazing

  62. Guest-9596875392 says:

    This is an overall great shader but 1 thing You should probably change is the color of light for the sea lantern

  63. Mello-sama says:

    Every time I load into my server with the shader on my world just doesn’t show at all I think you might want to fix this please and thankies!

  64. Guest-6455458305 says:

    The villager is not have skin

  65. Guest-1206232469 says:

    It’s best where tape give 14fps this gives 30 to 45 FPS with less frame drop and looks very good and satisfying so if you’re looking for a shader that work on loan end device this is the best

  66. Guest-1794789308 says:

    it works on ios devices i tried it on my old iphone 6s and it works perfectly fine (sorry for bad english)

  67. Guest-6512224036 says:

    Could you please make a Windows 10 version of this?

  68. Guest-8137685740 says:

    Plz fix the download link i can’t download the shaders

  69. Guest-6886317134 says:

    cant get past ownload link

  70. alieoftruth says:

    It’s not letting me past the captcha box. Whenever I press “verify” it goes transparent and it won’t let me out of the box to proceed to the download page, let alone the fact that it’s hard enough to even click the captcha box without it disappearing. I love this shader and I just wish I can update it. Hope you see this.

  71. Guest-1934124539 says:

    Trees are just dancing like CRAZY! Pls fix that…

  72. Guest-1474978082 says:

    Theres a bug with the colouring systiem on Snowy biome which make it look blue / invisible

  73. Guest-8539910533 says:

    Not only do doors and levers move, basically any non full block waves.

  74. Guest-9374062814 says:

    Dang, this looks great! Wish there was a version for Windows

  75. Guest-1323117727 says:

    So good! Works on low end devices and doesn’t lag

  76. Guest-6536243423 says:

    so is this for windows 10 version as well? because it says for pe

  77. Guest-8316358944 says:

    This is literally the best mcpe shaders I’ve tried. And trust me I’ve tried a ton of shaders infact all the top ones. It runs perfectly even on my friends average phone. Please give this a try I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much for this. I would give it 6 stars

  78. Guest-5654984914 says:

    Please fix the bug that the blocks are blue or glitch… I really love it
    I will give it 5 stars

  79. Guest-6193014576 says:

    Overall, the shaders look amazing and stunning has potential. I tested my IOS device and it worked. Some things that need to be worked on is trapdoors, flowers, bushes, torches, lamps, etc. Also, try to fix the water it’s choppy and would consider to smoothen it out Thanks

  80. Guest-6180129257 says:

    can you improve the water? the water at night is so bright, it’s the best shader though!

  81. Guest-4722187796 says:

    I download it in iOS and it’s pretty cool, yet the doors and torches are moving with the air 0-0

  82. Guest-2177571355 says:

    I really like it but i can’t use the structure block so please fixed it because your shaders is really cool

  83. Guest-6140058269 says:

    Hey bro u have made a beautifull shader
    I want it to use this shader on my texture pack
    Can i use it?

  84. Guest-8839545982 says:

    This looks great but how TF do you download it without getting a virus?

  85. Guest-3784162780 says:

    Why does the water look like plastic? Could you fix it so it looks like it does in the video

  86. S2008 Gaming says:

    Great! Thanks bro! But the is is not blocks I want the sky to be blocks like the normal pack but have your own designs I don’t care

  87. Guest-9656342749 says:

    Very nice I like lightning and sky perfect for my texture pack as well good job 🙂

  88. Guest-2968109936 says:


  89. Guest-8215659757 says:

    lo puedes hacer minecraft windows 10?

  90. Guest-2306402569 says:

    Shader never worked, also gave my PC a virus afterwards.

  91. MinecraftFan55254 says:

    I Recomend For Sonic Fans

  92. Everytime I try to load it into a world that same world wont load 🙁 by that I mean I can’t see anything but mobs and chests around me

  93. Guest-8339050332 says:

    Torches can’t wave like leaves! CUZ THEY’RE JUST TORCHES!

  94. Guest-9326919973 says:

    Is it a bug??? The doors frikin move like the leaves!!!! Noooooooo!!!! Please fix

  95. Guest-4153862562 says:

    Do it does lag?

  96. Guest-8884037829 says:


  97. Guest-5829185777 says:

    zombie piglin with an old model with these shaders

  98. Guest-4424950078 says:

    Really nice shader! Keep it up! Love it! <3

  99. Guest-2860918768 says:

    it keeps on saying “import failed”

  100. Guest-3511910304 says:

    it says is for mobile bro are you blind or something

  101. Guest-3533115086 says:

    not working for pc

  102. ItsmeyourPartner says:

    How did you guys make a cool shader or addons!!??

  103. Guest-2272476681 says:

    Muito bom o shaders, tem uma promissa boa, muito bonito, mas ainda tem o que melhorar, a água n tem um bom efeito, mobs ficam visíveis na água, as folhas tem um certo bug em sua movimentação, o shaders é instável (com queda de quadros em certos momentos), e alguns erros de iluminação; corrigindo isso, se torna um shaders muito bom, ótimo, bonito

  104. Guest-2344661309 says:

    WHY won’t IT WORK???????

  105. Guest-4922437770 says:


  106. Guest-3931961771 says:

    pretty good besides from one issue i’ve noticed relating to the waviness; objects such as lanterns, anvils and torches appear to blow in the wind as though they’re a plant and it’s rather strange.

  107. Guest-4433534874 says:

    Shadernya mantap banget

  108. Guest-4656459446 says:

    Nama Asli Saya Bukan Guest

    Ngomong2 Lo Indo

    • HyraZer0 says:

      Hooh, gua orang indo

    • LGsus71 says:

      For those who don’t know how to download, just use firefox (on mobile use an old firefox version, i recommend to use the january update, you can download it from apk mirror), install the universal bypass plugin and an ad-blocker, then you will have no ads to see and a direct link that takes you the download page

  109. Guest-4546608348 says:

    widih di post ke mcpedl donk :v

  110. Guest-2539140691 says:

    windows 10 compatible pls

  111. Guest-6908552860 says:

    Bisa buat mc win 10 gak

  112. Guest-4025230904 says:

    Flickering. Otherwise, great

  113. Guest-5364965486 says:

    How do i install this ?

  114. Guest-5389916417 says:

    Pls fix the water moving cuz it looks like its lagging but its not but
    overall its a nice shader also it does
    work for IOS.

  115. RizkyGame95 says:

    Mantab. Buatan Indonesia

  116. Guest-4520539816 says:

    This shader is very good I combined it with ContinummS shaders and is increasingly being realistic

  117. Guest-8089054127 says:

    The blowing crops and flowing source water needs some fixing

  118. Guest-7341853874 says:

    Does this work on xbox?

  119. Guest-4546774721 says:

    I just tested in my Samsung Galaxy A10 and did not work, all textures were transparent 🙁
    I have a picture but I do not know how to send it

  120. Jeckdeth17 says:

    so it works on windows 10?
    I am confused

  121. Guest-7637387902 says:

    i tried loading this on windows 10, (just for the f*ck of it) and it actually looked really nice despite the missing textures. can you make this shader compatible for windows 10?

  122. Guest-3435744742 says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m almost certain this is a direct copy of the Parallax Shaders by Hybred, just under a new name. This shader has got the exact same water animation/texture, same lighting dynamics, basically a clone.

  123. Guest-4304613416 says:

    Wow, rilis di MCPEDL, BTW, aku BANGFROK

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