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Published on November 04, 2016 (Updated on November 04, 2016)

Zeph's Superflat Map Pack [Custom Terrain]

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why did i think i just saw wario
I downloaded the “air” world and there were grass blocks in my render distance
Dirt world plz
This is a ripoff all the worlds are just normal superflats
search “Flatland” and click the first option!
Seach Where
My world is just a normal super flat! What is wrong?
search “Flatland” and click the first option!
These actually work lmao...
should make a world completely out of 1 layer of sand. you know what happens next
All of the worlds are normal superflat worlds.
With the void map I spawned with no bedrock to build on
Use the /setblock command to start building.
Also, the grass world just spawns as a regular flat world
Guest-7623329661 May 20, 2020 at 6:51 pm
its a void map theres not suppost to be bedrock
It doesnt work.
search “Flatland” and click the first option!
try this they work
how do you search for flatland? pls answer
Is anyone eles expriencing that the grass world is only 3 grass and no stone, can anyone help me thunk this issue....... Thanks
You should make one that is just water to world height
The Amazing Guy Dude October 27, 2018 at 11:18 pm
All except the air World doesn’t work anymore, they’re just basic flatlands.
I have the same problem
What did you use to make the flat worlds?
Its classic flat world
- grass
- 3 dirt
- bedrock
Uhh... No t to be rude or anything but this didnt work at all i just spawned in a super flat world in survival dropped from the sky and relatively did then when I went in creative it was just a normal super flat world i wanted the grass one for r a build and it have 3 dirt then bedrock did not work.
Please help! It doesn't work. Whenever I download it, it gets imported just fine, but when I open the world, its just a normal superflat!